This Ramp Should Have an Automatic "Call 911" Function

Stunt riding definitely has something magic about it, no matter whether we are talking about bicycles or motorbikes. Most likely it's about the fact that not everybody can perform those tricks, and seeing the riders succeed induces a weird sense of participation than makes the watchers feel good about themselves, too.
No, this jump will not end well 1 photo
Frankly, any explanation works for me, as long as those who prepare the stunts are smart enough to take the elementary precautions. There are so many things that can cause even the basic stunt tricks to go wrong.

While I am positive that nobody could ever inspect and take care of all these variables, seeing fellows like the one in the video below is really surprising. I mean, that ramp doesn't seem to differ too much from one built by the most mindless zombies in your fav horror book, movie or TV series.

Throwing some planks and affixing them to a structure that looks like it could barely support the weight of a person, let alone the forces of a mountain bike and rider impacting it is one of the shortest ways to the hospital.

I have watched this very short video multiple times and still can't get enough of it. I know I am a bit evil, but frankly, the problem certainly doesn't lie with me. Just look closely at how the flimsy planks fly into the air. They've only been useful at providing the rider with just about enough lift for a very hard crash.

For some reason, I almost feel good to not see the crash and the aftermath. At least, the rider is wearing a cross helmet, which proves he is not THAT mindless. Even though I sincerely doubt the helmet was useful for his knees and elbows...


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