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This Porsche 911 Uses iPhones as Brake Pads, Can It Stop from 60 MPH?

Porsche brakes are certainly among the most reliable in the business, and you don’t even have to go for the optional ceramics to enjoy that. But what if you replaced them with iPhones?
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One of the best bits in a Porsche lies in its braking system. Turn after turn, you can rely on that wide pedal, never having to fear it won’t do its job properly. You another thing that’s reliable, at least for its kind? The iPhone 4S.

But what if we were to mix the two? Let’s imagine for a moment that somebody would have to replace the brake pads on his Porsche and decided to install iPhones instead.

In fact, we don’t have to imagine this, the crew over at EverythingApplePro has actually done this. The guys got their hands on a 996-generation Porsche 911, which is not bad at all for such testing purposes.

The guys took apart the brakes, threw away the old pads and installed Apple’s devices instead. No, you consumer aficionados, this video won’t let you know how strong your iPhone6 is. The team used the iPhone4s and the iPhone 5 for their stunt.

They wanted to see if the rear-engined coupe can still stop and also to experience the feeling of having... iBrakes. Once the servicing part of the job was complete, the subjected the 911 to a few repeated stopping tests, getting up to about 60 mph (that’s 97 km/h for readers across the pond).

Did the car manage to come to a halt on its own or did it require assistance? How did the brake pedal feel? Were the discs affected by this? These are just some of the questions whose answers you can find in the clip below.

But what about the iPhones? Did they still work after the ordeal? Which one is stronger, the 4S or the 5? (this question is rather silly, forget we mentioned it, okay?).

Unfortunately, we have a question of our own, one that remains unanswered, at least for now - how would the car react if somebody installed BlackBerries (Porsche’s traditional partner) instead of iPhones?

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