This Overlanding Lamborghini Urus Is (Probably) the Most Hilarious Thing You'll See Today

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Photo: Instagram | Delta4x4
Lamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini Urus
Lamborghini may have struck gold with the Urus from a financial perspective, but as much as some enthusiasts would want this exotic crossover to be a real off-roader, it's not.
First and most important, it doesn't feature a body-on-frame construction like, say… the Suzuki Jimny. It doesn't have the proper suspension nor a low-range gearbox, and this is what truly matters when trying to conquer the great outdoors in a vehicle and venturing far off the beaten path.

Don't get me wrong, you can drive on fresh-cut grass in any ride, even a real supercar, yet it takes a proper off-roader to do, you know… off-roading stuff. Before criticizing this story, take a few minutes and jump on YouTube to see what real off-roaders can do, and after factoring in the previous paragraph, you will quickly understand why no Lamborghini Urus or any other luxury/exotic/premium crossover/SUV can do similar stunts, regardless of how many mods they sport.

Just for kicks, we'll remind you that the Lamborghini Urus is the same ride beneath the skin as the Volkswagen Touareg. The Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, and Q8 share the same construction, and neither of them is known for its off-roading prowess. Therefore, they will never be able to take on something along the lines of a Nissan Patrol, a Toyota Land Cruiser, or a Land Rover Defender off the lit path. That generous ground clearance will certainly come in handy when attacking a steep driveway, though.

Lamborghini Urus
Photo: Instagram | Delta4x4
I'm not bashing Delta4x4 in any way, as this company has brought the beast within multiple rides over the years. Thus, it was only natural that the Lamborghini Urus would eventually fall into their hands. The tuner specialized in modifying four-by-fours has applied its natural recipe to the Italian marque's exotic crossover, yet as mentioned above, it doesn't really do anything other than make the vehicle look ridiculous.

The modifications include a set of aftermarket wheels from Delta4x4’s portfolio. They're called the Klassik-B, are 22 inches in diameter, and are wrapped in 285/45 all-terrain tires. The PIAA lights contribute to its refreshed stance, improving visibility at night. This Urus also sports a roof rack that enhances its hauling capability and allows it to carry a full-size spare wheel and additional gizmos that would be needed if when it gets stuck.

Delta4x4 has only released a few images of this overlanding-wannabe Urus at the time of writing a short video, and neither shows the crossover's back end. This likely means that it carries over without any tweaks, just like the face and other elements. The aftermarket specialist doesn't tend to take on the oily bits of its projects, so the V8 motor likely carries over with the stock output and torque. And that's certainly not bad, as this is one punchy machine, as long as it stays on the tarmac.

Lamborghini Urus
Photo: Instagram | Delta4x4
The original Urus had 641 hp (650 ps/478 kW) to play with, and the facelifted iteration, which gave the automotive world the S and Performante versions, enjoys 657 hp (666 ps/490 kW). If you missed the big news, the Lamborghini Urus lineup has recently grown to include a third member: the SE. This is the highly-anticipated plug-in hybrid version, a model that spearheads the automaker's electrification push, alongside the Revuelto, which replaced the Aventador.

According to the official spec sheet, the new Urus SE boasts a combined 789 horsepower (800 ps/588 kW) and 701 pound-feet (950 Nm) of torque. The 4.0L twin-turbo V8 contributes to the total output with 611 hp (620 ps/456 kW), and the electric motor, which sits inside the transmission, generates 189 hp (192 ps/141 kW). It has a 194 mph (312 kph) top speed, takes 3.4 seconds from zero to 62 mph (100 kph), and can travel 37 miles (60 km) on electric power with the 25.9 kWh battery fully charged.

Lamborghini will open the order books for the new Urus SE shortly and has confirmed that customer deliveries of the plug-in hybrid exotic crossover, which ups the ante for some of its rivals (ahem, Ferrari Purosangue), will kick off at the end of the year. Unfortunately, we still do not know how much this model will cost in the United States of America, yet certain outlets report that it might start at approximately $245,000, and with a few options, it will reach around $275,000.

Now, let's assume you have a Lamborghini Urus parked in your driveway, and you want to personalize it. Multiple tuners would gladly take your hard-earned money in return for all kinds of body kits, reupholstered interiors, different wheels, and the occasional power boost. So, which of them would you charge with modifying yours? If you said Delta4x4, then you, sir (or ma’am), need a different ride, preferably one that's been built with off-roading in mind, and if I were you, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 would get my money.

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