This Off-Road Spectator Is Living Proof Darwin's Theory Is Crap

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Not a very long time ago compared to the whole history of humankind, our ancestors invented a very cool thing. They looked at it on all sides and decided it would be called a "tripod." They thought it would be useful to photographers and filmmakers alike for stabilizing their cameras. Little did they know their invention could have actually saved a man's life.
But here we are, one hundred or so years later, and one man still has no idea of this miraculous device. Sure, he could have improvised something, place his camera on a stone, dig a whole and put it there, pay somebody to hold the phone in that position for him - any other decision than the one he took would have been better. Not only for his physical integrity, but also his status as an intelligent human being.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to understand the need to capture the action from unexpected angles. If successful, it gives you something to brag about to your friends, something to set you apart from the rest of the one hundred people who took shots at the same event. For some people, this isn't worth risking their lives. In fact, I'm pretty sure this guy thinks the same, he's just so dumb he doesn't even realize what he's doing.

OK, so we have to admit he does have a plan. He thinks that by hunkering down right after that small jump, he can film as the cars go above him. The first off-roader that goes by proves him wrong, even though it probably provides a pretty cringy moment for the other spectators.

But it wasn't nearly as stressful as the one caused by the second car. Because the driver is a much more evolved human being than our camera-wielding meerkat, he doesn't think twice before slowing down the moment he sees a head popping up from over that ridge. He doesn't know if he can safely jump over and so he's not taking any risks.

Obviously, this upsets the adventurous photographer as not only does the car not provide him with the shot he craved for, but it very nearly hits him. He even has the audacity to blame the driver and apparently give him the finger. What? OK, that's enough for today, I'm going to watch some cartoons and drink hot chamomile tea. With honey.

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