OP 2 - Sleeper
If we were to judge something based on its size, then most of us wouldn’t be where we are today. And if we’re to judge every camper trailer based on its first impression, then the Opus 2 would most likely be one of the campers you overlook.

This Off-Road and Off-Grid Camper Fits in Your Living Room and Can Sleep Four

OP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - SleeperOP 2 - Sleeper
What you see in the cover photo is known as the OP 2 from Opus Camper. If you haven’t heard of this team yet, you better get with the times, as they’re currently pushing out some of the most accessible and capable campers around. And really, don’t be fooled by size because it can do so much more than what you see.

Just to kick things off, this little mean machine comes in with a gross vehicle weight of 3,970 lbs (1,800 kg), much lighter than the sort of camper trailers we’ve been used to our entire lives. How this weight limit is achieved is a bit of a surprise, unless of course you’re aware of how the Opus team likes to roll.

Fine, I'll spoil the surprise. If you’ve had a look in the gallery, you may have figured out that the structure you see atop the shell is actually the interior living space. Better yet, it all pops out of the shell like an excited turtle. This is done through the use of air-inflatable segments which all fit together to create the dome living structure.

OP 2 \- Sleeper
If you’ve been keeping up with the times, then you know that Opus doesn’t just use some balloons to build you a mobile home, but rather some nearly indestructible air bags. We’ve seen these run over by off-road vehicles, stabbed, and even stand up against hurricane-force winds. And better yet, it all pops up into position in under 90 seconds, and everything is fully pitched in about five minutes.

As for the amenities found in that interior living space, the OP 2 leaves very little out of the game. Inside, we find a king size bed towards the front of the tent, followed by a convertible dining lounge and removable table. It’s also here that the OP 2 can house more sleepy guests.

One thing the OP 2 does have compared to the OP Lite is a shower. A hot water unit is available, plus the extension room seen at the rear. But we still have no mention of a toilet. It seems that Opus likes to let you figure that one out on your own. After all, with the kitchenettes that team is known for, we should at least be offered a cassette toilet.

OP 2 \- Sleeper
Speaking of kitchenettes, we are provided a four-burner stove with a stainless-steel sink and running water. However, it’s an exterior kitchen setup on sliding trays. As for keeping your goods cold, an entire slide-out is reserved for the fridge and freezer. A final slide-out is reserved for storage of good and tools.

And that's all you get for the $22,499 starting MSRP. But you’ll have to go through a dealer to pick one of these up, so bring an extra two grand with you. Actually, bring an extra ten grand because you’ll definitely want to splash on some extra stuff. But don’t worry about this little puppy taking whatever you throw at it, as it’s off-road and off-grid ready.


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