This Norm-Breaking Luxury Yacht Looks Perfect for Batman, Only Three to Be Built

Hanstaiger X1 is an unconventional, gorgeous yacht that looks straight out of a Batman movie 17 photos
Photo: Hanstaiger
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If you’re starting to get bored with all those massive superyachts that look alike, and think that there’s nothing truly unique out there, here is some good news: a young brand has created a jaw-dropping yacht with a radically new design, outstanding performance and an exclusive character - the Hanstaiger X1 is an ultra-limited-edition of only three boats.
Personal dissatisfaction is often the source of the greatest creations. This was certainly the case for John Ordovas, who was disappointed by everything he found on the mid-sized yachting market. Determined to bring the spectacular features of superyachts to this category, and offer a truly inspiring design, he eventually established his own brand, Hanstaiger, in 2015.

Chief engineers Antonio Claro and Nerea Perez led the work on the brand’s first project, built at the company’s boutique shipyard in the historic Mediterranean port of Alicante, in Spain. This is how the X1 was born, a trimaran designed to be ergonomic, highly functional and exceptionally beautiful. Construction began in 2019, and the X1 passed its first sea trials in 2021.

Hanstaiger X1
Photo: Hanstaiger
First of all, the 64-foot (19,72 meters) long trimaran is an engineering masterpiece. Its single-piece, vacuum-infused hull requires less power and fuel to reach maximum speed, at the same time enabling incredible precision and agility. Made from a composite of carbon fiber, Kevlar and vinyl ester PRFV, the hull is lightweight yet resilient, for exceptional durability.

Customers can opt for the powerboat or sailboat version. The majestic sail version has a sails surface area of 245 square meters (2,637 square feet), and the innovative custom design, with captive winches, allows the sails to be raised and set with the simple touch of a button. The powerboat version features two Volvo Penta IPS 1350CV engines, with a glass cockpit and auto-prop feathering propellers.

The X1 can reach a top speed of 20 knots (the sailboat version) or 30 knots (powerboat version), and it also delivers an outstanding range, thanks to the custom electric system based on a massive 50 kW battery pack, on one hand, and the large fuel tank (enough to cover 600 miles/966 km), on the other hand. Plus, the trimaran is CE Category A certified, which means that it can be self-sufficient for extended journeys.

Everything is controlled by a state-of-the-art helm station, enclosed in a fighter jet-inspired canopy that provides protection from the elements, but can also open up during sunny days. With no less than 12 cameras on hand, the captain has full control of the X1 at any time.

Hanstaiger’s flagship isn’t only remarkably performant, but also stunningly beautiful and luxurious. With a design meant to make the owner feel as though he were inside a luxury home, X1 breaks the norm by offering 80% of the interior space on the same level. Without any narrow corridors or complicated internal structures, the layout feels like a luxury loft.

Hanstaiger X1
Photo: Hanstaiger
The 70 square meters (753 square feet) lounge area converts into a giant beach club, with an additional 25 square meters (269 square feet) of deck and a swimming platform. With ceilings over 3-meter (9.8 feet) tall, the living areas feel incredibly spacious. The master cabin alone is over 30 square meters (323 square feet), and the fully-equipped galley is more impressive than a designer kitchen.

Going up to the stunning flybridge, you’ll literally feel on top of the world. The generous surface allows enough room for seating, sun beds and a jacuzzi. Every element is meant to enhance the feeling of a five-star hotel, including hand-crafted wood furniture, the finest materials, such as premium leather, and sumptuous carpets.

Ordovas wanted to stay away completely from the conventional layout of mid-sized yachts. This is why, beside the single level configuration and convertible transom, the X1 also boasts one of the largest glass-to-structure-ratios in the industry. Natural light overflows, pouring through the glass roof and oversized windows. Plus, the windows feature a smart glass technology that allows temperature adjustment and dimming the sunlight whenever it’s too strong, or for more privacy.

Hanstaiger X1
Photo: Hanstaiger
It’s safe to say that the X1 is in a league of its own, blending an otherworldly beauty with cutting-edge technology. Ordovas is determined to destroy the molds used for the trimaran’s exceptional hull, once all the three boats are built, to make sure that it will never be replicated.

A handful of people might still be able to get their hands on this masterpiece, via Northrop & Johnson, Hanstaiger’s exclusive sales partner. Others will have to wait for the future X2 and X3, which will take the brand’s inspiration and creativity even further.

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