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This Ninja ZX-6R Rider Needs to Learn How to Brake Better

Being aware when riding a motorcycle is a must, but when doing this on a twisty road, the imperative is only more powerful, and that is because danger can lurk around any corner. Even though being paranoid is not exactly the healthiest riding manner and causes mental fatigue, riding with an "extra eye" out for danger is a most advisable attitude.
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The video after the jump is quite eloquent, and it also shows how easily and quickly things can go wrong. Odds are that this crash could have been avoided, should the rider had braked earlier and stronger.

The Ninja was not traveling at high speed, and even though banked, the predicament was in no way extreme, and therefore, not impossible to deal with. Now, it's rather hard to understand what led to this high-side, especially as the rider himself doesn't have a clear picture of what happened.

One of the key elements is braking late. Watching the video carefully, you will observe that the rider appears to notice very late that the vehicle in front of him is slowing down.

Adding reaction latency to spotting the danger too late and failing to perform a textbook emergency brake cause the bike to high-side, bucking the rider towards the exterior of the turn. Luckily for him, there was no incoming traffic from the other lane. Likewise, getting stuck between the guardrail and the ground prevented him from plunging down te mountain side to an uncertain, yet most likely not happy fate.

As we already said, such scenarios are not extreme ones, as they happen to pretty much any rider who puts in enough miles. However, keeping cool and having well-trained reflexes can make a big difference. In this case, the difference was made by the low speed, full leathers and wearing a helmet. Lucky fellow, hard lesson learned, but he should be happy things rolled the way they did.

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