This New Electric Bicycle Looks Like A Cafe Racer

Bicycles may have gotten their fair share of technology when it comes to brakes, suspension, and gearing, but the problem with most of them is that they look so bland and uninspiring. Worry not, though, as Monday Motorbikes is here to end that.
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Say hello to Monday Motorbikes' new M1, a groundbreaking bicycle that looks exactly like a motorcycle. And on top of that, it is electrically assisted. In fact, the company insists on calling it the first crossover motorbike, which sounds kinda cool.

So, what is it that makes the M1 so special? Well, lets start with its simple yet very cool design. The main piece is a U-shaped tubular frame to which every other ancillary component connect.

And by that, I mean a front fork, rear suspension, electric motor, pedals and a large battery pack where the fuel tank would be located on a standard motorcycle.

Another interesting thing to mention is the very simple drivetrain. The rear wheel has two sprockets, one on each side, and is spun by two chains. One is powered by your feet on the pedals while the other one is connected to the electric motor.

There is no clutch and you don't have to change gears. Just get in the saddle, twist the throttle and you're off. You can also put your muscles at work and use the motor when going up a hill or carry a passenger.

You read that right. Unlike a standard bicycle, the M1 has the room and the power to get a pillion on board. And the best part is that you don't even need a driver's license or registration, as the company tells.

The Lithium-ion battery pack has a quick-release system and can be swapped for a fully charged one in just a few moments if you're in a hurry. Otherwise, you can plug it in a standard socket and five hours later it's good to go, providing a range of op to 50 miles.

And as any other hybrid vehicle, the M1 is fitted with regenerative braking, so, each time you slow down, you put some energy back into the battery to aid you later.

The M1 is also equipped with an intuitive dashboard that shows speed and real-time feedback on power consumption. There's also a sport mode that can take you up to a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 km/h) so you can keep up with traffic around the city.

The only problem with the M1 is that you can't have one now. You can, however, reserve one for just $500. Total price is $5,995, which might be a little steep for what it is but don't forget there are some people out there paying the price of a modern sedan on a standard competition bicycle.
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