This New 1,050-HP Faraday Future EV Costs As Much as Two BMW i7 M70s

After five years of uncertainty and fears of bankruptcy, Faraday Future finally introduces the FF 91. And it's a stunner! The vehicle promises a state-of-the-art experience for prospective owners but doesn't make it easy on them. The high-riding hatchback-y sedan has an eye-watering starting price. However, it comes with something first seen on the all-new BMW 7 Series, so the price point might end up making sense. Let's dive in.
Faraday Future FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance 22 photos
Photo: Faraday Future
Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91Faraday Future FF 91
Before we discover the FF 91 in all its glory and its maker's hefty subscription proposal, let's take a short detour. We must look at the bigger picture before focusing on the industry's newcomer.

Once upon a time (in 2008, to be precise), the all-electric vehicle came into the world as the solution to our fossil fuel-dependent lifestyle. Most automakers ignored it at first. But it didn't take long for them to realize that they had to follow the industry champion. So, in a couple of years, almost everybody aimed to create the right zero-tailpipe emission machines that could help them have that much-wanted upper hand over the trailblazer.

For a brief period, we were even on the right track. Remember all that talk about the $35,000 EV, which would have theoretically cost $27,500 after the EV tax credit kicked in? That was a beautiful moment in time. Remember the Chevy Bolt? Yep, it's being discontinued.

Proper competition between legacy automakers could have changed many cities in America and made the air we all breathe just a little bit cleaner. It would have also put more pressure on the likes of Electrify America to accelerate the development of charging infrastructure.

Faraday Future FF 91
Photo: Faraday Future
But life is complicated, and business is an intricate domain. As such, the discussion moved from accessible EVs to high-tech, watt-waster vehicles. A global health crisis putting nearly everyone at risk, rampant inflation, and socio-economic disparity forced carmakers to concentrate on units that can bring the best profit margins. Thus, another problem appeared in the auto market – inexplicably high prices (and inventory that felt artificially limited). Cue the dealer's thirst for markups, and things couldn't have looked bleaker for the average consumer.

It was one heck of a surprise

Because it worked. People were willing to spend more, and the financial results of many brands exposed an increased interest in luxury vehicles and a consumer's leniency toward paying more for overpriced cars. Remember the Tesla discount saga from 2022? You can't say we didn't warn you!

Faraday Future understood that the market had changed. After seeing how Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren sales soared, we cannot blame the startup for believing in its mission. It's possible that well-off customers decided to live a little and splurged some of that cash kept aside for investments. Or maybe the lockdowns just helped certain people ease off for a while. Sadly, it didn't fit in with the other players who benefitted from a crazy car market. Faraday Future tried to launch the FF 91 last year but failed because of money troubles.

But the Chinese at Geely stepped in and helped the struggling Evergrande-owned company to pick up the pace. Lo and behold, it's 2023, and we have a car. And it came just in time to take advantage of all this artificial intelligence (AI) hype.

Faraday Future FF 91
Photo: Faraday Future
The FF 91 is a wonky-looking sedan with a lot of ground clearance and has some very futuristic vibes attached to it. The vehicle almost resembles an Earth roamer that detaches from a spaceship that hangs around our planet's orbit. In a way, one can safely assume that the brand nailed the design, even though some might compare it with an impractical minivan.

Intergalactic ambitions

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, automakers today focus on launching a new vehicle by first giving some eager customers a chance to buy a fully loaded one. Faraday Future followed suit and is offering 300 Americans the opportunity to buy the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance. It definitely sounds like something the Jedi would have purchased if they existed in our galaxy.

If it feels a bit extra, you must know that Faraday Future is planning to "surpass Ferrari, Maybach, and Rolls-Royce by redefining the criteria of the Ultimate AI TechLuxury flagship vehicles." Such big ambitions must revolve around great product stories, and a quirky car with rear-hinged doors might just be it.

But making big industry names tremble doesn't come cheap. The FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance has a starting cost of $309,000. Buyers will also be invited to join Faraday Future's mobile ecosystem for $14,900 per year.

Faraday Future FF 91
Photo: Faraday Future
Instead of buying two BMW i7 M70s or two Porsche 911 Targa 4S units, customers can pick the limited-edition FF 91. They will get a vehicle with 381 mi (613 km) of EPA range enabled by a 142-kWh battery. Thanks to the tri-motor layout, this machine packs 1,050 hp (1,065 ps) and 1,458 lb-ft (1,977) of torque. So much power allows it to go from zero to 60 mph (97 kph) in 2.2 seconds.

There are multiple driving modes, but Faraday Future focused on AI that can be used to personalize everything, including ride height.

A technological oasis

The drivers and the passengers enjoy 11 displays, but the party trick is the 27-inch rear screen that gives those sitting in the back the chance to feel like they're sitting inside a private cinema. Streaming and video conference calls won't be an issue because the limited-edition FF 91 has three 5G modems. Sometime in the future, the startup also wants to add a satellite-enabled communication suite. A wheelbase of 3,200 mm (126 in) reveals a spacious interior, while the zero-gravity rear seats provide more relaxation when stationary. As such, anyone can relax when traveling with the FF 91.

Safety is provided by the vehicle's "moat structure," which refers to the crumple zones around the car based on a deep, wide, and ditch-like structure integrated with the aluminum body. The automaker says that all the requirements established by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard have been passed.

The driver and the passengers will also benefit from the car's AI systems that can learn their behavior, adjust various settings, or even anticipate their desires. Faraday Future says the goal is to have the technology "surpass users' understanding of themselves."

Faraday Future FF 91
Photo: Faraday Future
Pre-orders are now open for customers in the U.S. and China. Ordering requires a deposit of $5,000 for the car and $100 for the FF aiHypercar+. Afterward, Faraday Future will invite customers to be trained in using the vehicle because there is a lot to get used to. This funky-looking machine truly is a computer on wheels. Still, the FF 91 took it a step further than what we were used to until now and transformed the commuting appliance into a futuristic office connected to the latest trends.

Decisions, decisions

If you still want the car but want to avoid paying for the limited-edition FF 91, Faraday Future is also accepting deposits for the FF 91 2.0 Futurist, which costs $249,000. Unlike the pricier model, this one comes with the option to pay up to $3,000 for a different exterior color and $3,500 for white or red upholstery.

But no matter what FF 91 you choose, Faraday Future will give you a charging card with $1,000, which has a three-year validity.

Lastly, the FF 91 is undoubtedly something interesting. It would have been amazing if buzzwords like "AI" were joined by more down-to-Earth pricing. However, this product is aimed at executives and workaholics who need more than 24 hours in their day. It basically wants to replace your phone and your tablet or laptop.

Faraday Future has a challenging mission ahead of it – it must reach the right customers, and the upcoming reviews must not disappoint. We'll keep an eye on this reborn brand that aims to steal buyers from established luxury automakers.

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