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This Meticulously Designed Audi RS 6 Might Look Tame, but It Fires Up Like a Rocket

There's no denying it. The new SUV/Crossover craze won't end anytime soon. It's a slow-paced train that'll take more than a decade to pass. But very little of these similar-looking designs can deter your mind from a wide, low-sitting Audi RS 6. 1016 industries and RDB LA are developing an iconic Audi RS 6 build that'll hit 62 mph (100 kph) before your jaw can drop.
 1016 Industries Audi RS6 10 photos
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RDB LA has built a reputation in exclusive design builds. A couple of weeks ago, they rescued Chris Brown's mom's Corvette from a shady paint job (not the only one). They are currently working on a 1016 Industries Audi RS 6 build destined to blow your brains off.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there's no faking it here. It'll take more than a Lamborghini Urus to rub this RS 6's image off your mind. Built to make the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Estate look like a bunny, it sits low and grunts like a T-Rex.

This 1016 Audi RS 6 might wear a pale gray exterior, but don't let that fool you – it's light years away from being a sleeper. Its contrasts between black RDB wheels, dark and silver ascents, grills, and tint make it pop out like a bubble.

Since it's a 1016 Industries build, it dons their iconic down-pipes and lowering links. We don't know how much power it's pulling at the moment, but their brand manager says it's currently running an APR tune – it sounds fantastic!

"This car was bought for the 1016 RS6 carbon arrow package, which we are doing, and it's currently in the final stages of development, and honestly, it's going to be a banger," Gigi, 1016 Industries brand manager, revealed.

RDB LA also showcased a neatly modded blacked-out long-base Range Rover and a menacing SVJ Lamborghini. We recommend watching the video below to catch a glimpse of that fiery action.

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