This Man Flying High Out the Window Is the Best Advertisement for Fastening Your Seatbelt

This is less of a problem in more civilized countries (or, more to the point, among more civilized people), but there are still those who think the seatbelt is useless, as their driving skills will prevent them from ever being involved in a crash.
Brazil accident 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
And so they don’t use it. With older vehicles - such as the one in the clip below - it’s easy, you ignore it and leave it to hang there on the inside of the B-pillar. Newer, more modern cars will put up a fight and try to force you into fastening it by emitting obnoxious beeps that get worse as time goes by.

You’d be surprised at how resilient these people are in their decision to not use the poor seatbelt. Some will sit through the incessant beeping of the car until the machine finally gives in; others will find ways of fooling it into thinking the seatbelt is fastened; finally, others simply take out the necessary fuse and live happily ever after. Or, you know, until they’re involved in a crash.

Usually, it’s either the really young or the really old who do it. In the case of the former, it’s pretty easy to explain: they’re young, they think they’re demigods and they don’t know better. The latter, on the other hand, remember the times when cars didn’t have seatbelts or when using it wasn’t mandatory “and we made it just fine.” They don’t like the idea of being tied down to the seat and are in constant fear of being burned alive because they couldn’t get out in time, even though even a more likely minor crash can be just as dangerous without the seatbelt on.

This scary incident happened three days ago in Brazil and, according to the video’s description, wasn’t fatal for the passenger who was ejected out of his seat like he had the airbag under his ass. He suffered multiple fractures and had to undergo several surgical procedures.

Exactly what caused the pickup to lose control isn’t entirely clear, but it was probably trying to overtake when it lost control and began to barrel-roll at high speed. Halfway through you can see something fly out of the car, spin a few times in the air and then drop back down on the ground. And that’s the difference right there: the driver had the seatbelt on so he walked away with minor bruises, while the passenger didn’t and flew away with possibly life-threatening injuries. It’s as simple as that.

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