This Land Rover Discovery Wins the Halloween Car Costume Contest

If Halloween is all about the candy for the kids, we grown-ups are much more interested in finding the perfect costume - the one that nobody else has and that will make us the evening's attraction.
Halloween-ready Land Rover Discovery 1 photo
Going as Superman, a witch or skeleton is way too predictable, so if you want to be original, you're going to have to use your imagination and your crafting skills and create the costume yourself. Either that or just go naked with only a vine leaf covering your man or lady parts and say you're Adam or Eve if anyone seems to be disturbed by your appearance. Though be warned: you might get more attention than you bargained for.

Right, so with your costume taken care of, all you need to do now is get your car into the Halloween spirit as well. What? You thought you could just turn up at the party in your sparkling clean Mercedes-Benz? Well, you could, but no matter how good your costume is, this guy right here with his Land Rover Discovery Mk. I would still make the best entrance.

The off-road-ready Land Rover Discovery I is pretty scary to begin with. It's a very simple and very capable machine with very few tricks up its sleeve. And since it's old, you know the owner doesn't care too much about getting it scratched, so you tend to get out of its way.

This particular one brought to our attention by Reddit user DerienT, is made to look as if a bit of carnage had been going on on its hood. There's blood everywhere, including palm prints of the alleged victim. They made sure to spread some over the wheels as well as the skid plates.

But the makeover would have been nothing special without the cherry on top. Strapped on the roof of the car, wrapped in a body bag and tied with duct tape, is the source of all this mess. The amount of blood would suggest the Land Rover had run into a herd of cows at full speed, but it turns out it all belonged to just one rather short man. Well, at least identifying him won't be a problem considering there are countless prints of his hands on the SUV.


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