This Is Why You Don’t Cheat on Your Wife When You Know She Has a Temper

When you own a 2-seater sportscar like the Audi R8 seeing it ruined is similar to what a heart attack feels like. Yet, it’s one thing you know it happened in a car crash or even a burglary attempt and a whole different thing when you know that it was completely destroyed by your very angry wife who just found out you cheated on her.
The man's Audi R8 was destroyed by his wife after she found out he cheated on her 3 photos
Photo: GT Spirit
The man had his Audi R8 destroyed by his wife after she found out he was cheating on herThe man had his Audi R8 destroyed by his wife after she found out he was cheating on her
This appears to be the case of this red Audi R8 who looks like it went through hell and back. We’re talking about a complete mess that seems to have started with the usual keying but went to a whole new level of rage. But let us go all Sherlock Homes for a second here and try to understand what the course of events was.

We’re betting that the raged woman first started with the nice little message she scratched on the trunk of the car that reads “F*** you fag! Kiss my ass!”. Seeing that won’t be enough she figured the Audi emblem needed to be removed from the car since it looked too good on it. Who knows, maybe the mistress really loved Audis. Then, it’s quite obvious the man was wealthy enough to afford spending the big cash on ladies, so it’s only normal the dollar mark had to be everywhere.

Headlights being removed were the obvious next step to take since you want to make sure nobody will ever notice the car if it will, say, ever be driven again on the street. Of course smashing the windshield was a must since nothing makes a sportscar better than being transformed into a convertible.

We can almost imagine how she then looked at the car - eyes red, veins pumping, little high-note screams every here and there - and said something like “no, he loves music and I know how that infotainment makes girls like him even more”. So she starts storming the front destroying anything that came in hand.

Apart from the obvious, there are two things we're wondering though. First, even though she might have been right taking revenge on her cheating husband, she did commit a felony. Second, will the car insurance now give the man the new 2016 Audi R8 since this one was obviously totaled?

PS: unfortunately there’s not a lot of intel about who owns the car, who took the pictures, who the mad wife is, but maybe you guys can help with that.
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