This Is Why BMW’s i3 Is Better than Tesla’s Model S

BMW i3 1 photo
Photo: BMW
The i3 was barely unveiled when Tesla CEO, Elon Musk started making fun of it, considering it unworthy of his genius and a long way behind his creation, the Model S.
The man even had the nerve to outright burst into laughter when someone asked him about the BMW. Being cold blooded Germans that they are, the officials from Munich didn’t officially say anything about his rude comments, preferring to let him speak his mind and carried on with their work.

However, during a recent interview for Business Insider, BMW North America CEO, Ludwig Willisch gave perfectly good explanation as to why the i3 is better than the Tesla, looking at the overall picture, as everyone should when comparing EVs.

"You need to look at the whole concept," he said. “We start off by producing carbon fiber in Moses Lake, Washington, with hydropower. Then we use fully recyclable materials to build the car. We build the car with wind power. So the whole production cycle is fully sustainable."

And that’s exactly what everyone should do. After all, the industry is reorienting to electric vehicles just so that the impact on the environment is reduced and we’re less and less dependent on fossil fuels, right? If that’s the main goal, why isn’t everyone looking into making the manufacturing process a bit more eco-friendly?

Unlike Tesla, that builds its cars the conventional way, BMW’s approach is holistic and, as Willisch pointed out “ nobody's at this point in time where [they] are, as far as the whole production process is concerned."

At least BMW gave a real answer instead of resuming to laughter and chuckling like 12-year olds would.
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