This Is What Drifting $2.4 Million in Almost Complete Silence Looks like

Rimac Nevera drifting on track 8 photos
Photo: The Late Brake Show / YouTube screenshot
Rimac Nevera drifting on road and trackRimac Nevera drifting on road and trackRimac Nevera drifting on road and trackRimac Nevera drifting on road and trackRimac Nevera drifting on road and trackRimac Nevera drifting on road and trackRimac Nevera drifting on road and track
Croatia is a country best known for its stunning coast, the fact Game of Thrones was shot there, a few of its footballers, and probably not much else. Well, you can definitely add the Rimac Nevera to the list now. You know what? You can move it right to the top of it.
The all-electric hypercar was revealed earlier this week—as scheduled—and videos of its insane performance feats, as well as the bewildered faces of the seasoned car journalists experiencing them, continue to show up on the internet. Well, it's not every day a 1,914-hp AWD EV gets launched, so it's understandable if the event tends to drag along a little.

The only downside to the Nevera is the fact only 150 of them will be made (all are already spoken for), which means actually getting to see one in person is highly unlikely. But not as unlikely as getting to experience its sick (for some, maybe even literally so) acceleration, which is why we can only welcome as many clips of it as possible.

After seeing carwow's Mat Watson launching the Nevera to absolutely annihilate a Ferrari SF90 Stradale (a 1,000-hp AWD hybrid hypercar itself) in a quarter-mile drag race, we now get to witness Jonny Smith's take on the car, and even though there are a few 0-60 and quarter-mile runs as well, he seems to spend most of the time in this video going sideways.

By his admission, Jonny isn't an expert at this sort of thing. Even so, the car seems more than happy to assist—you should hope so considering the massive amount of torque those rear tires can be delivered in an instant. However, it's not the ease with which the Nevera initiates the drift that impresses Jonny, but how simple it is to keep it going and, more importantly, how it refuses to spin even at angles where other cars would have long done it.

There will be (there already is) a lot of talk about the Nevera's performance, but the real highlight of the hypercar is actually its versatility. Sure, it can launch forward at nearly time-distorting speeds, but it can do so much more than that. In fact, apart from going off-road and hauling stuff, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything it can't do. And do well. Watch the clip, and if you have a tenth of the fun Jonny had making it, it'll be quite an experience.

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