This Is What a Supercar Car Wash Looks Like

Supercar are always going to attract a lot of attention wherever they go due to their outlandish style and outrageous performance. So most people will agree (Gumball rally goers don’t) they need to be treated well and always be kept immaculate.
Lamborghini Aventador and Mercedes SLS 1 photo
After all, you’ve just spent thousand of additional money to get the paint color you desire, be that sparkly silver or matte black. The factory paint is supposed to be as tough as any other, but most owners don’t want to see a single blemish on their cars.

So a professional hand wash with fresh towels and soft sponges is usually just what the doctor ordered. To make the most, it’s better to bring a friend who also need to wash his ride. And voila, the supercar car wash is born, featuring a matte black Aventador with an orange interior, an Audi R8 V10 and the Mercedes SLS AMG.

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