This Is what a Real Head-On Collision Actually Looks Like

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Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
For years, we've been led to believe that a head-on collision is when a vehicle’s front end hits the same part of another vehicle that’s driving the other way.
Well, wrong. And shame on us for not figuring it out earlier. After all, the name itself, “head on,” contains a huge giveaway. But it still wasn’t enough for us to see through the lies we were constantly fed.

All it took was two cyclists, a small van parked on the corner and perfect timing. Well, that’s not entirely true, the matters being a little more complicated than that. They usually need to be if two cyclists are to bang their heads together.

Regardless of your activity, the last body part you want to get hit in is your head. I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong: take cycling for example - do you wear a groin protector or a helmet? Yeah, I thought so.

Considering how our reflexes work so that we do our best to protect our heads, it’d be very difficult to successfully bang the skull against anything. Even more so against another person’s skull. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Apparently, no.

As we’ve said, the stars really did align for this, much as their heads did in the end. To have one cyclist riding way too relaxed, with no hands on the handlebar round a corner, completely oblivious to what’s behind that white van, and another one traveling on the wrong side of the road equally impervious to the danger lurking over behind the light commercial vehicle - that’s got to be the definition of bad luck.

And even with the accident imminent, there’s still so many ways the collision mechanics could have unfolded. We’ve already agreed that protecting our heads is second nature, but these guys seem determined to prove us wrong. Perhaps our reflexes dictate us to guard whatever we think is most important, which for these guys apparently is nothing.

But their pain aside, the most important thing to take out of this clip is that now we have a much more suited mental image of what a head on collision really means. It’s two guys running into each other face first. And now you know.

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