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This Is the New-Generation Google Maps Navigation Experience
It’s not a secret that Google Maps is most often the preferred choice whenever it comes to a daily driving companion, and this is the case not only on Android but also on iPhones.

This Is the New-Generation Google Maps Navigation Experience

Google Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigationGoogle Maps navigation
The reason is as simple as it could be: Google Maps is packed with a very advanced navigation feature arsenal, so finding a destination and reaching it is a lot more convenient, safer, and often faster thanks to the directions the app provides.

But it’s pretty clear Google doesn’t rest on its laurels. And for users across the world, this is pretty good news, especially because, more often than not, the whole thing comes down to new functionality that’s being added to the app.

Most recently, Google announced a new set of features aimed at Android, iPhone, Android Auto, and CarPlay users, once again with the final goal of making Google Maps an even more advanced navigation solution.The enhanced details
We’ve known for a while that Google Maps was getting new and more detailed maps, and now the app seems ready to deliver this experience to all users.

In case you’re wondering why this is such an important update, the whole idea it’s based on comes down to making it easier for users to figure out where they are.

In other words, thanks to the enhanced maps, you should be able to understand where you are and where you’re heading much more conveniently while determining the route you’re supposed to use for driving should theoretically be more straightforward.

To make this possible, the enhanced maps come with lots of new details that improve the map quality, including the shape and the width of the road reproduced more accurately in the digital version bundled with Google Maps. Furthermore, the app now shows medians and islands, so the roads overall look and feel just like the real-life siblings.

These improved details are rolling out only in certain regions, but of course, it’s just a matter of time until they become available everywhere.

Stop signs and traffic lights

Another welcome update concerns stop signs and traffic lights, as Google Maps has been updated to precisely show their location on the map.

A similar improvement was also added to Apple Maps not a long time ago, so Google Maps rolling out such capabilities isn’t necessarily surprising. However, there’s still room for improvements.

For instance, Google Maps doesn’t announce stop signs and traffic lights, and in some regards, this means drivers need to periodically check out the maps on the mobile device to be aware of their locations.

A more prominent banner similar to the one showing the next direction could also help, but most likely, Google will further refine this experience in the coming updates.

At this point, however, it’s pretty clear Google Maps is evolving substantially, and best of all, the improvements it receives are available everywhere, not just on a single platform.

This is what makes the biggest difference from Apple Maps. The Cupertino-based iPhone maker typically needs months or sometimes even years to bring its latest updates to all users across the world, whereas Google Maps reaches broad availability at a much faster pace.

Furthermore, with Google Maps available cross-platform, pretty much everybody can experience its latest goodies, no matter if they’re an Android or iPhone user.

For example, Google is also bringing several new enhancements to Apple users, including a new widget that’s specifically built for iPhones running the latest iOS version. Furthermore, the Apple Watch now comes with a direct way to launch Google Maps, therefore providing users with navigation guidance (obviously in walking mode) right on the wrist, all without the need for launching the app on the smartphone.


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