This Is the Most Ridiculous Apehanger Handlebar to Date

Apehanger bars have been one of the iconic trademarks of the custom motorcycle scene for almost five decades. This type of bars is also one of the signature elements in the custom chopper niche, and has an enormous number of variations.
How's this for a custom bike? 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
They range from DIY bars on the early builds, that could only accommodate basic controls to parts created by specialist builders. Even modern bikes come equipped with apehanger bars, and the latest one that was featured on this website was the 2016 Victory High-Ball.

These modern bars are ready to receive the full extent of controls and accessories present-day manufacturers have in store for their customers. Mini- and middle-sized apehangers are probably the most common, but every now and then we can expect to stumble upon really tall ones that sort of defy reason.

Tall apehangers can be hazardous, too

Beyond the aesthetic considerations, really tall apehangers are dangerous because they make steering the bike a much more difficult task, especially when paired to stretched forks and necks with extreme rake angles.

As a matter of fact, if you watch the video carefully, you will see that the trajectory of the bike at lower speeds tends to be sinuous. Couple that to the worst positioning for the fuel tank ever... and pray you make it home in one piece after a ride on such a bike.

Some people might think this is a cool piece of custom bike engineering, but we'd rather call it unnecessary, ridiculous and dangerous. But anyway, each rider chooses whatever floats their boat.

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