This Is No Longer an Expedition Vehicle, It’s a Tiny But Complete Mobile Home

Nowadays we see all kinds of weird and kooky designs. As technology advances, we are able to bring more and more of our idea of heaven into manifestation. This is one of those slices of heaven. For myself anyway.
Camper Home 14 photos
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I want you to imagine that all road restrictions have been lifted and everyone can go out to their favorite mountain or lake spot. You got that image? Good. Now imagine what one of those days is like. You probably have a tent or some sort of camper. Something small for 2, maybe three people to sleep in. Most of your belongings stuffed into the back of the car to save some space. You know, usual camping stuff.

Now I want you to see that image without a tent. No camper, no clothes in the car, none of that scenario. But I do want you to imagine that you are just looking out onto the waters. The sun rising. You stay there for a second or two to really get a feel for what it’s like to be free again, and from behind you, you hear, “Baby-boo, breakfast!”

You turn around to see your significant other waving at you from within a tiny home on stilts. I don’t even know how to say it otherwise. It’s a friggin home that can be carried to where you want to kick it. Oh, and get this, it assembles at the touch of a button. Welcome to century number 21, folks.

Camper Home
Just so I make sure you understand what it is your looking at, this is a small two-person home, that is deployed while you sit and look at it moving and is designed to be moved to and from places for a truly secluded weekend.

It’s one of two campers that Haaks Campers produces. Since we found no specific model name for it, let's just call it the home model.

Now it’s not like your usual motor home in that it can be hitched behind just anything and towed. It requires a flatbed cargo truck to be moved. To load and unload the home you just push a button and it raises up on those legs and then the truck is to be backed up underneath. Pushing another button, the home lowers onto the truck and away you go. The only option currently available for any of the two campers is a Fiat Ducato 2.3 multi-jet diesel engine.

The home does everything from auto-level if deployed on uneven ground to prepare the bedroom. Once you’ve found where you want to stay, the camper unwinds by lifting part of the roof to offer an angled room where we find the bedding. Just a mattress, pillows and blanket if you need any. But a skylight offers a view to the night or day sky.

Camper Home
A staircase leads from the bedroom to a living space. Here we find everything our home would normally have. A shower and sink, separate from the toilet, is available in the designs. From here we are led into a small hallway and storage area. As we head towards the full-size glass doors at the front, we step into the kitchen and dining area.

As far as a kitchen goes, it has everything you need to store and prepare a meal. A sink, two-burner stove-top, fridge, and even seating up to four. So, if you meet some new folks down by the lake, invite them over for a drink.

Solar panels provide the electricity for your appliances and lighting, but the team at Haaks will work with the client to create a custom design fitting to their needs and wants.

Now, I understand that most people, want to leave their home behind when heading to the outdoors, but hey, we always have this option too.


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