This Is Jesus' 9-Second Turbo Pickup

A nine-second car is a blast by any standards, but if we’re talking about a pickup truck that can deal with the quarter mile in as little as that, things become explosive.
9-Second Turbo Pickup 1 photo
Well, this is exactly what we’re bringing you today. The GMC in the adjacent clip belongs to a man named Jesus, but he’s not exactly the kind of guy that uses it for hauling stuff around.

That’s because the 418 cubic inches V8 block is probably the only stock component left in the engine bay. Running on race gas, this turbocharged madness manages to pull a 9.52s run at the recent HPT Truck Shootout & Bayou Drag events.

The video below offers us a good idea of what this monster is made of, even taking us under the car to see its drag radials and other goodies. Of course, the clip also shows it ripping those tires apart.

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