This Is How You Pop Open the Hood of the Tesla Cybertruck

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Tesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla Cybertruck
There is nothing usual about the Cybertruck. Tesla handed over the first ten electric trucks to the first ten customers who had placed a firm order, all being employees of the company. People are still finding their way around the model. And this is how you pop open the hood of the EV.
Mat Watson got his hands on the production version of the Tesla Cybertruck. He knocks on the stainless steel hood to check the sound of it. The entire body of the EV is made of the same material, which is unusual for a car and impossible to be painted. That is exactly why whoever wants another color on their Cyertruck will have to use wrap instead of paint.

He laughs at the gigantic windshield wiper, probably the biggest one ever mounted on a production passenger car. He also checks the panel alignment and explains that it can’t possibly be perfect because you can’t easily bend stainless steel like you would with aluminum. Watson tries to take off the wheel covers to show that there are alloy wheels underneath with a black finish and clicks them in.

The load bad cover looks solid and, as we have previously seen, Elon Musk himself tested it with a couple of jumps during Jay Leno’s show. There is not much headroom inside, and you can blame the glass sunroof for it. Mat Watson bumps his head against a couple of times. There is, though, plenty of space for three adults traveling at the back.

The sound of doors closing is brutal, no premium click sound involved. As for the way the hood pops open, there is one way up: by clicking the hood of the vehicle showing up on the horizontally mounted 18.5-inch touchscreen on board. The hood, once opened, reveals a small frunk. The rival of the Cybetruck, Ford’s F-150 Lighting, sports a frunk with a load capacity of 14.1 cubic feet (400 liters). It is obvious that that of the Cybertruck is way below that figure.

There is no need to unlock anything by hand, and you step outside the vehicle. And you can do the same with pretty much everything that is openable and closable, doors and tonneau cover included.

And it is the same for such items on board as well. For instance, you just have to click on the “glove box” writing on the screen, and the drawer-like storage space slides open.

The storage space in the center console is massive, and there are cup holders that hold cups or bottles in place. The steering wheel looks a bit like a yoke, but it sports a fully closed shape.

There will still be some time before you will see the Cybetrucks in traffic. The first ten vehicles were delivered, and Tesla promised to ramp up production during the first quarter of 2024 in order to keep up with the demand.

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