This Is How You Do a Burnout in a 2017 Porsche 911 R

We've seen the 911 R on tons of occasions so far, but, with one exception that included going flat out on the German Autobahn, we didn't get to witness what happens when a driver lets his inner demons take over him and the rear-engine coupe.
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Well, this year's edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed provided just such an occasion. Among the velocity gods Porsche brought to the event, we could find a 911 R that was given a shameless hooning treatment.

It all started via a burnout and if you thought that the three-pedal setup, which makes the R so special, means one can't keep his foot on the brake while flooring the gas, you were wrong.

While Andreas Preuninger, Porsche GT division helm man, did get to drive the 500 hp Zuffenhausen machine on the Hillclimb, we're not 100 percent sure he was the driver that trashed the hell out of the car. Then again, Andreas was the man who led to the top speed Autobahn episode mentioned in the intro.

Interestingly, this is a man who splits opinions in the Porsche realm. That's because certain fans hate him for the PDK-only decision he made for the 991 GT3 and GT3 RS. Not only did this devoid the 991.1 models of a stick shift, but it also caused a massive price bump for 997 and 996 GT3s, meaning they've become out of reach for some enthusiasts out there.

Fortunately, our Porsche man has reconsidered everything and the imminent 991.2 GT3 will return with the 911 R's six-speed manual as an option. By the way, here's a set of GT3 facelift spyshots.

And speaking of Andreas Preuninger and the 911 R, we'll take the time to remind you the engineer has already received his example of the manic Neunelfer, going for an all-retro approach (did you expect anything less?).

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