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This is How the Lexus LFA’s Exhaust Shatters Glass

Everyone knows that you can break a glass just with sound. Of course, the sound of a close explosion doesn’t count for obvious reasons, but the exhaust sound does.
Lexus LFA 1 photo
Every object has a resonance frequency that will break it. However, it’s pretty hard to find it and replicate it, but the people that made a cool Lexus LFA ad managed to find the exact necessary sound that can shatter a wine glass.

Usually, glass shatters at a powerful high pitch sound and that is the reason some singers can do it only with their voice. The Lexus LFA is a singer too, only that its 4.8-liter V10 engine sounds like a symphony of destruction rather than one of those fat singers at the opera.

And yes, there is a frequency in the LFA’s exhaust sound that can shatter glass. See how in the clip bellow.


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