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This Is China’s Largest Upcoming Motorcycle

I’m pretty sure when people think of Chinese bikes they picture cheap and flimsy single-cylinder two-wheelers that will most likely break down after a season. Well, contrary to that, China’s biggest motorcycle so far will look like this and it looks pretty neat.
QJiang tourer prototype 4 photos
QJiang tourer prototypeQJiang tourer prototypeQJiang tourer prototype
Benelli’s parent company Qianjiang came up recently with this design for an upcoming big motorcycle. It will be released under the QJiang brand, and it looks like a competitor for BMW’s touring machines.

The base of the bike is a 1130cc Benelli inline-three engine which has been extensively modified to fit the purpose here. This sends the power to the rear via a Paralever-style single-sided swingarm which should be able to counter-torque under hard acceleration.

Attached to this engine is a tubular steel frame which is covered on the sides with plastic moldings to make it look like a modern aluminum-beam construction and it does the job pretty well, at least in the renderings here.

Other notable things easy to spot on this tourer are upside-down forks, dual radial mounted brakes at the front, ABS, cast alloy wheels, center stand, and even an adjustable windshield.

It looks to offer what any other important manufacturer does with its recent big tourers. Just look at the multitude of switches on the bars. It must be fitted with traction control, riding modes and maybe backing-up assist. The dashboard looks up to date too, using two round gauges and a big LCD screen in the middle.

At this point, you might have noticed the sirens and the extra lights and wonder if these will be offered as optional features. Well, no, but the bike will initially be sold as a police interceptor and then will be released for civilian use.

It is also believed that this bike will be used as a basis for the next generation of Benellis for the international markets and it could also spawn an adventure model.


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