This Is BMW's Own Gumball Rally with M6 Gran Coupes

Earlier this year BMW has held a small-scale version of the Gumball Rally, offering an effervescent experience to a group of Canadian customers and enthusiasts.
BMW M6 Gran Coupe convoy 1 photo
A total of fifteen BMW M fans were brought from Canada to the BMW headquarters in Munich, where six of them picked up the M6 Gran Coupe models they had ordered.

The group then driver the cars across Europe, with the initiative using the “BMW M6 Gran Coupe on European Tour”. The drive saw them going Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

The highlight was a BMW Driving Experience at the BMW Driving Academy in Maisach, where the participants were thought how to manhandle the M3 and the M6.

Those of you who want to know more about the BMW driving experiences can check out our story on this. And if you’re not quite sure what the Gumball Rally is, you ca see the movie of this year’s event here.

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