This Is an Artist's Impression of a 2021 BMW M4 Widebody Kit

Ever wonder how the ongoing BMW M4 Coupé would look like with a widebody kit? Well, wonder no more, as your imagination can take a break. It is all thanks to digital artist hycade, who made a full rendering of the M4 with a widebody kit.
2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade 8 photos
2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade2021 BMW M4 Coupé widebody kit by hycade
Unlike other renders, this one does not leave the M4 without its large grille. It is a polarizing design element, and the artist decided to keep it. The front bumper has received significant attention, though.

We can observe a DTM-style lip, large air intakes, and the DRLs in the headlights have a different hue. The front bumper is wider, and it matches the new front fenders, which are also wider than stock. These meet interestingly near the headlights, where you notice the extra width.

You should also notice the slight modifications made to the hood, which strengthen existing lines but adapt them to the new proportions of the front end of the M4.

The front fenders got an interesting element that links them to the side skirts, which also received an extra aerodynamic part. The doors remained unmodified, while the rear fenders also became wider than stock.

As you can observe, the rear fenders meet up with the rear bumper similarly as the ones at the front meet their corresponding bumper. The rear bumper has been widened and extended. It includes a large diffuser that also integrates a set of twin tailpipes on each side.

The trunk gets a discreet spoiler, while the alloy wheels fitted to the rendered vehicle remind us of the ones on the M4 GTS. They look cool if you ask us.

But what would this 2021 BMW M4 Coupe widebody kit look like in real life? Well, hycade has made a different rendering with it in a parking lot. The vehicle is depicted with a window tint that may not be legal everywhere in the world, but otherwise looks like it is the work of a tuning shop and not a virtual creation.

If you like this design, be sure to like the video embedded below, so that the artist can observe that people are enjoying his work. If you own a BMW M4 and want to make it look just like this one, well, you can't, because this widebody kit is just a virtual render and not a tuning package that you can buy.

Fortunately for those interested in such things, the world of tuning has plenty of workshops that are willing and able to modify a vehicle's body, and widebody kits are the rage these days, so you can get something like this done to your M4 if that is what you desire. It will not be cheap, though, so keep that in mind


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