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This iPad Pro Upgrade Makes the New-Generation CarPlay Feel Outdated

Earlier this month at WWDC, Apple announced the new-generation CarPlay, essentially giving its driving-optimized experience a massive overhaul that would provide users with modern capabilities.
iPad Pro mod for 2005 Dodge Ram 6 photos
iPad Pro custom dash modiPad Pro custom dash modiPad Pro custom dash modiPad Pro custom dash modiPad Pro custom dash mod
By simply connecting their iPhones to the head units in new cars, drivers will be able to launch the new CarPlay, which integrates more vehicle functions and takes over all displays in the cabin. In other words, CarPlay can also display information next to the speedometer, with Apple promising to give every carmaker the power of customizing the UI and aligning it with the brand design.

Without a doubt, an evolved version of CarPlay sounds fantastic, but on the other hand, drivers out there can already get an upgraded experience in their cars.

The living proof is this custom dash mod that has recently been showcased on YouTube by Soundman Car Audio. Created for a 2005 Dodge Ram, this hack essentially comes down to a custom dash panel that integrates a large iPad Pro without losing any original features.

The iPad slides in with the help of a dedicated mechanism, and it also plugs into a charger that’s integrated into the custom panel.

At the end of the day, the infotainment upgrade is massive, especially given the size of the iPad. And what’s probably the most important thing is that drivers can therefore get full access to the App Store, meaning that they would no longer have to rely on the CarPlay-optimized software that Apple currently offers access to.

Building a custom dash mod obviously isn’t easy, but on the other hand, finding an iPad holder that would securely keep the tablet in place on your dashboard is the easiest alternative. No matter what method you use, a full iPad is definitely a massive upgrade for modern drivers out there. Sure, maybe it doesn’t come with vehicle integration and support for all car displays, but the access to the entire app ecosystem is a major selling point.

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