This Invention Allows You to Change the Rear Wheel of a Bike Within Seconds

Changing the rear wheel of a bike can be a tedious process, and it can cost you precious time, especially if you’re involved in a race. You have to remove the cassette and the disk, which is messy and time-consuming. A French company came up with a system that allows you to make the switch within seconds.
Fasten system by Lagar Concept 7 photos
Fasten system by Lagar ConceptFasten system by Lagar ConceptFasten system by Lagar ConceptFasten system by Lagar ConceptFasten system by Lagar ConceptFasten system by Lagar Concept
Lagar Concept is the company, and its solution is Fasten, an invention that keeps the disc and the sprocket cassette on the bike when you are changing the wheel. This significantly reduces the time required to make the switch, and the design is particularly aimed at road racing bikes.

This thing works through a patented system that involves moving the bearings into the arms of the frame and fork instead of having them placed in the wheel, as is the case with standard bikes.

When the rider changes the wheel, they can leave the chain on the sprocket they want.

As explained by founder Jean-Paul Lagar, the Fasten system allows the rider to use the unique wheel both for the rear or the front, as there will be no more “front” wheel and “rear” wheel. You will only have a wheel, which fits just as well in both places.

Another benefit of the system is the fact that you can change the wheel without completely pulling the axle out of the frame, which means you don’t risk losing it on the way.

While this invention is not the most attractive one, design-wise, the French company claims it can be a path breaker that gives freedom to designers in their creation process. They could come up with innovative brake systems that are not limited by factors such as the positioning and size of the disk. The only thing they should take into consideration is the shape and dimension of the hub, which should be respected as a new standard.

There is no word yet regarding the price or availability of the Fasten system, but you can check out more info here.


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