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This High-Power Vacuum Cleaner Claims It Can Make Your Car Spotless 80 Times Per Charge

Let’s be honest about it: while portable vacuum cleaners would normally come in handy to car owners, they typically lack both the power to make the cabin spotless and the battery to allow thorough vacuuming.
The product looks just like a conventional vacuum cleaner 9 photos
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Someone on Kickstarter, however, claims they have invented just the perfect vacuum cleaner that addresses these shortcomings while also coming with a set of extras.

A company called Voltic has recently kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for a vacuum cleaner that, at least at first glance, doesn’t look much different from the rest of the devices already on the market.

It comes with a compact form factor, which makes it just right for use in a car, multiple brush heads and extension tools, as well as a double-mesh filter that can be washed with clean water.

But on the other hand, it also promises a series of innovations that the parent company hopes would appeal to some drivers out there looking for more convenient car interior cleaning.

First and foremost, it comes with a USB-C charging port, so it can theoretically be recharged with pretty much any USB-C charger at home. If you already have a Samsung phone, you can use its charger as well.

Then, the parent company says the device comes with an AI smart mode that kicks in when running out of battery. In their own words, this feature helps increase the battery life by 50 percent – in plain English, this is more of a low-power system that allows the vacuum cleaner to keep running when running out of juice, most likely with reduced suction power.

But the piece de resistance is, without a doubt, its battery. With a 6,000 mAh unit, the vacuum cleaner should be able to run at 310,000 rotations per minute for no more, no less than 808 days per charge. This is enough, the inventors say, to clean a yard no less than 40 times. When it comes to cleaning a car interior, you can do this 80 times, they say.

The funding for this alleged revolutionary product is currently underway, and the target has already been reached. It should theoretically start shipping next month, with the price starting at $130.

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