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This Hennessey Velociraptor Rendering Has Wheels for Days (10 of Them)

Ford has taken our fascination with dinosaurs and named a fancy truck after one, the Raptor. In turn, a famous tuner went even further with the Velociraptor, Hennessey Performance's one, and only F-150 six-wheeler.
This Hennessey Velociraptor Rendering Has Wheels for Days (10 of Them) 1 photo
We never understood the connection between that human-sized pack hunter with sharp teeth and this truck. But much like scientists are finding out weird facts about dinosaurs, like feathers and strange habits, so too are we discovering fancy variations of Hennessey beast.

Why does this rendering have ten wheels? I don't know. Why do some whales have unicorn horns? Probably to show off. That's not true. Some all-terrain armored vehicles have about eight wheels to spread all that weight around.

It also offers something called "redundancy" where if one wheel gets blown off, the others can pick up the slack. But the last time we checked, nobody was shooting RPGs at Ford performance trucks. Maybe it's designed as a failsafe for when sabertooth tigers or T-rexes bit a tire off.

This look wouldn't be very practical either, with two axles cutting straight through all the passenger doors. So you'd have to go in through the top... like on a tank. Having this many rubbers probably attracts too much attention, which explains the army green paint.

We don't know what kind of engine the designer envisioned for his uber-Raptor, but it probably can't be a regular Ford engine. With five axles, the drivetrain loss is probably going to be at least 40%. One cool workaround would be to power each axle independently with electric motors. Besides the Rivian R1T electric pickup, Ford is also said to be mulling a fully plugged in F-150.

Such a monster be a maintenance nightmare, with no jack or lift able to support it. But we've seen billionaires in the Middle East buy stranger things.

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