This Has to Be the Cleanest BMW R75/7 Ever Made

Cleanliness is godliness, they say. And if what they say is true, then this bike is truly godly. We were astonished to see how simple and how tidy this Clutch Custom Motorcycles build is, and how strong is the classic message that it conveys.
Clutch Custom BMW R75/7 6 photos
Clutch Custom BMW R75/7Clutch Custom BMW R75/7Clutch Custom BMW R75/7Clutch Custom BMW R75/7Clutch Custom BMW R75/7
Not adding any unnecessary bling and having tossed every piece which was not essential for their second build, Clutch Custom managed to express their art and skill in a more subtle way, and this spells "major style".

The bike may look pretty much stock to the untrained eye, but Clutch's Willie Knoll has in fact fabricated a heap of custom, one-off bits and pieces for this BMW R75/7. The lowered bike received a new fork angle and new spokes and stainless nipples for its rims.

The starter, ignition key and battery have all been relocated for both aesthetic and functional reasons, and Clutch Customs also loaded a bespoke stainless steel exhaust. A new tuck and roll seat was fabricated and we're amazed how neatly it's copper brown color complements the deep blue high-gloss tank. Finally, the essence of simplicity is contained in the aluminum fuel cap. It just doesn't get any simpler than this!

Via Bike Exif.


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