This Happens When Stunt Bikes Decide to Have it Their Way

Stunt Bikes Decide to Have it Their Way 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Skilled guys can perform a decent set of tricks with motorcycles in stock trim, but pro stunt riders will always ditch the good looks in favor of extended possibilities. This includes stripping down their bikes, adding crash cages and pads, extra calipers, larger rear sprockets and also meddling with the ignition and idling systems.
The result is a bike which retains almost nothing from the menacing beauty it boasted in the showroom when new, but which can now do things no other two-wheeler in stock trim can ever dream about. Sturdier, more nervous and at the same time more maneuverable, stunt motorcycles are a different breed which plays in a league of their own.

However, there is a long road from the final bolt screwed to the bike and the end of a successful stunt show, and the name of this road is Practice. When it comes to stunt riding, practice involves quite a lot of crashes and both bike and rider will be put to the test quite hard. Sometimes, funny weird situations develop, such as the one in the video below, with the dropped bike using one of its crash pads as a pivoting point.

Since it appears like the throttle has been messed with a bit (though a malfunction cannot be excluded altogether) the bike went amok and started spinning and burning rubber… out of control. Some might say that jumping on it and then trying to stop the engine would have been easier. Maybe it would, but with the frail balance of the machine, falling to the ground and receiving a blow from the spinning wheel surely sounded like a nasty outcome.

Nice to see a fellow manhandling the situation after some examination of the cycle… and the third guy, the one with the beanie, cap or whatever, so undecided and funny. He’s just priceless, with his confused gestures and all!

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