This "Hack" Could Resolve the Android Auto Bug Google Failed to Fix

One of the most widespread issues on Android Auto these days causes an awkward error that says the “Internet connection isn’t stable at the moment” despite the Internet connection itself working just properly on the device.
Google's new Android Auto 1 photo
In other words, Android Auto points to a problem with the Internet connection when, in fact, everything runs as it’s expected to run in the first place.

Because of this strange message, some Android Auto features no longer work correctly, including voice commands for responding to texts in the car.

While Google promised a fix, the patch is nowhere to be seen, so the user community has tried all kinds of workarounds to deal with the bug. One user called Rikki Longhurst has shared a rather complex solution on Google’s forums.

First, you need to create a backup of your Samsung smartphone using software like Smart Switch and then downgrade to Android Pie using Odin. This, of course, means you need to flash your phone, so if you’re not comfortable with doing this, you better wait for the official fix.

Once on Android 9, restore your data with Smart Switch and then uninstall the Android Auto app from the device. Clear the cache of the Google app and then disable it completely.

At this point, you need to head over to the phone update section, download and install Android 10, and then update all apps from the Google Play Store without making any changes to Android Auto.

Disable Bluetooth on your phone and then in your car remove all paired Bluetooth devices. Next, enable Bluetooth on the smartphone, but don’t yet pair it with the car, as you must connect the mobile device using an USB cable and run the setup by following the wizard on the screen.

Longhurst says this solution did the trick on several Samsung smartphones, all running Android 10, with voice commands then working correctly without the said error.


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