This Guy Disses the Tesla Model S, Says It Is a Failure

Leaving aside the waves of (justified) praise from media and public alike, Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors also has to face the once-in-a-while strong criticism. Which means that there are still people out there thinking the company will eventually go down swinging. Are they right or wrong?
2012 Tesla Model S 1 photo
Photo: Tesla Motors
The Tesla Model S is fast, good-looking and offers an impressive electric range unequalled by rival EV makers. That’s what most of us agree on, but there are at least two sides to any story.

According to Jonathan S. Geller of Boy Genius Reports, “the soul of Tesla is perfect” but “Tesla has not figured out how to make a great car overall”. And the criticism shower continues, as he argues that “the fit and finish of a Tesla, especially a $140,000 Tesla, is quite frankly embarrassing”.

Geller goes on an justifies his remarks by saying that the Model S has “cheap plastic components”, a “decade-old” Mercedes shifter and that the doors are “quite frankly, crap”. And while we’re at it, he also expresses his disappointment regarding the seats and their leather upholstery.

The few lines which actually cheer the electric car’s power and responsiveness are quickly interrupted by an explanation on how there is always the possibility another carmaker will surpass those achievements.

That’s because Mercedes will make an all-electric car or hydrogen car in the near future which, in Geller’s view, means game over for Tesla: “BMW will make one, Volkswagen will make one, Audi will make one, and so on. And those cars will be better designed, better manufactured, and better engineered than whatever Tesla is working on”. Wow, hold your horses, sir, you’re not actually a fortune teller, are you?

There’s a lot more to read, process and discuss about, but here’s the thing. Criticism is good, especially when done in a constructive manner. When it is just about smack talk, it will only make the critic look bad and determine the criticized one to prove him wrong.

As always, there’s no guarantee attached to Tesla’s future, but we’re finding it hard to believe that anyone at this point can say with pin-point accuracy what path will Tesla take in the future, nonetheless its destiny. Except, of course, Elon Musk himself.
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