This Guy Built a Porsche 911 Snowmobile, Tracks and Skis Look Awesome

Porsche 911 Snowmobile 1 photo
Photo: jasonlightner/Instagram
Now, before purists start raging about the builder of this car having butchered a Neunelfer, there's one thing I need to point out: take a look at the 911 lineup, which holds over twenty models at full maturity, and you'll notice how the carmaker sometimes dips into the parts bin when coming up with special editions.
For instance, this is how we ended up with the 911 R-like GT3 Touring Package and the GT3-Cabriolet-and-then-some that is the 911 Speedster. Heck, even the new 935 is based on the GT2 RS.

Well, the Zuffenhausen fan base is the home of many subcultures and one of these involves Porschephiles who treat retired 911s as if they were made of LEGO, mixing various bits and pieces together. They copy the said official model, if you will, albeit with a looser hand.

And in the case of Jason Lightner, the Porshe lover behind the contraption that brought us here, that hand is extremely loose.

The man has been putting together rear-engined builds for quite a while and this is one of his most recent creations.

As you've noticed, I'm having a bit of a hard time labeling the thing. Sure, we're dealing with an air-cooled Neunelfer, but the thing mixes a Targa roof with a Slantnose apporach. And I haven't even gotten to the way in which this flat-six wielder travels.

You see, the rear wheels have been replaced with a pair of tracks. As for the front axle, things are more versatile here, since the car can accommodate either wheels or skis - it's not always about snow or sand, so the machine can also be hooned on the road.

You can check out a recent picture of the contraption in the first Instagram post below - swipe your way to the sixth image of the post. All these pics have been captured at the Luftgekuhlt 6 festival (think: Porsche heaven), which took place at the Universal Studios in Hollywood over the weekend.

You can also check out the machine in action thanks to the other Instagram posts below, which come from the builder's account.

P.S.: If you happe to be experiencing deja vu, it might be because we recently talked about the Bentley Ultratank.

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