This GPS Navigator Includes Top-Notch RV Features, Android Auto and CarPlay Support

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Kenwood's RV navigatorKenwood's RV navigatorKenwood's RV navigatorKenwood's RV navigatorKenwood's RV navigatorKenwood's RV navigatorKenwood's RV navigator
Believe it or not, GPS navigators are here to stay, despite the rapid ascension of mobile navigation apps. Google Maps and Waze are indeed great choices for the daily commute, but given they are primarily aimed at passenger cars, GPS navigators still come in handy for other vehicle categories.
RV and motorhome owners certainly know this. Using the likes of Google Maps in such vehicles isn't by any means recommended, as the route guidance does not take into account the overall RV dimensions. As such, anyone using Google Maps for navigation in an RV could end up on a road where the vehicle doesn’t fit, eventually getting stuck and forced to ask for help.

This is why dedicated RV navigation solutions are a must-have. Kenwood is one of the companies aiming for an all-in-one product, and the company's DNX775RVS is a very solid attempt on this front.

The digital multimedia receiver comes with a 6.95-inch touch display, ticking all the boxes for an essential GPS navigator.

Given it sports touch input, setting up a new navigation route is extremely convenient. Additionally, you can browse its menus and interact with what happens on the screen quite easily, though voice control would have been even better. Voice commands are particularly useful when trying to reduce the distraction behind the wheel, so in the case of Kenwood's device, the setting up part should be completed before leaving on a new journey.

Kenwood's RV navigator
Photo: Kenwood
Kenwood's media receiver has everything in terms of features. For example, it sports dual camera input, so you can connect front and rear cameras and view real-time footage on its 6.95-inch display. Then, it comes with dual USB for connecting a flash pen with music or charging your smartphone.

Speaking of music playback, the device packs a 13-band equalizer, as well as a so-called Drive EQ feature that boosts specific frequencies to reduce road noise. Owners can play a wide variety of formats, including FLAC and MP3.

The RV navigation system is one of the main selling points. Kenwood joined forces with Garmin to use its own software to ensure the device provides top-notch navigation for RVs. As such, in charge of assisting owners as they head towards their destinations is Garmin's navigation solution that supports vehicle profile information customizable by height, width, weight, and number of axes. The route will also be configured according to these dimensions.

That's not all. Garmin's software also offers lane assistance and Photo Real Junction View, a feature that displays a preview of complex interchanges to prepare you in advance.

Kenwood's Screen Control gives passengers the option to access the media receiver from an Android device. This way, users can mirror the navigation interface and control select features.

And now it's time for the icing on the cake.

In addition to all these great features, Kenwood's GPS unit also supports Android Auto and CarPlay. In other words, if you connect your smartphone to the device, you'll be able to run Android Auto and CarPlay for instant access to your mobile apps. Needless to say, this isn't necessarily the number one selling point if you're primarily interested in the RV navigation software, but you can toggle between the two using the integrated buttons.

Sure enough, Android Auto and CarPlay would still come in handy if you use dedicated RV navigation, but given Kenwood already installed top-notch software in this regard, you might want to stick with the native offering on this front.

In addition to Android Auto and CarPlay, the media receiver also comes with a little extra for smartphone owners. Thanks to Kenwood Remote S, an app available on mobile devices, drivers can control their receivers directly from the phone. As such, you can get a wireless remote control at no additional cost.

Kenwood's RV navigator
Photo: Kenwood
DNX775RVS's capabilities can be further boosted with the connection of an Automotive Data Solutions iDatalink Maestro RR adapter. If you've never heard of it, this adapter is a little device that provides access to vehicle information, including TPMS, HVAC, and performance data. Everything becomes available on the screen of the media receiver.

At the end of the day, this navigator can be the perfect choice for both passenger cars and RVs. Thanks to Android Auto and CarPlay support, it can become a very solid companion in any vehicle on the road, while Garmin's navigation software makes it appropriate for RV navigation as well.

The only problem is that Kenwood's DNX775RVS is a little bit expensive. It can be had for approximately $1,000 depending on where you look. Given its feature lineup, the device might be worth the price, but if the hefty price tag is a problem, you can always go for a mobile device with dedicated RV navigation. On the other hand, worth knowing is that finding a free and advanced RV navigation solution is quite a challenge, as most top choices come with a subscription.
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