This Gold-Plated Skateboard Will Cost You $15,000

Peter Willet holding the golden skateboard 1 photo
Photo: Screenshots from NetworkA Youtube Channel
Matt Willett, an artist from New York, thought glamorous shouldn’t remain only for the supercar lovers and decided he’ll bring the bling-bling to another level. He went to his father, a professional gold plater that makes components for NASA, and created a $15,000 gold-plated skateboard.
Who says skateboarders with money shouldn’t be part of the opulent world of luxurious rides? Well, that is what the father and son team from New York thought of doing when they planned their golden board.

“We don’t call this a skateboard, we call it a piece of jewelry, because that’s the way it has to look and if it isn’t perfect we can’t sell to the customers,” Peter Willet from Epner Technology explained. The board alone is made out of three mediums - urethane, wood and metal - that you don’t really see plated as much and the final product turn out to be a real collectable.

The two worked together with the guys at the SHUT Skateboards shop also based in New York and they managed to create a 99.9% pure electro plated gold skateboard. Although you can stand on it, the makers recommend the customers not to take it on the road, just to collect it.

Now, in case you consider buying one you’ll want to know it costs $15,000 (EUR 11,000), about three times the money you’d pay for the most expensive version of the electric skateboard Marble, allegedly the most advanced one ever built.

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