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This German Multi-Purpose EV Waves Goodbye to Fast Chargers, Promises Great Range

Known as the location of some of the best vehicle manufacturers in the world, Germany is also the place where a mobility startup plans to bring change in its own way, by introducing an electric vehicle that wants to do it all.
City One is a multi-purpose EV with an innovatve battery swapping system 14 photos
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You can’t discuss EVs without mentioning the issue of fast-charging infrastructure that not only makes them less accessible on a large scale, but also increases costs. For Paul Leibold, CEO of the Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) startup, and Peter Naumann, ACM vehicle designer, the goal is to enable access to an EV for everyone. This means, on one hand, coming up with a versatile, multi-purpose model, and solving the range anxiety problem, on the other hand.

According to the two, statistics show that, while only 15% of people worldwide will have access to fast chargers by 2050, in 2020, 85% of them already had access to a household socket. The conclusion is that fast chargers are not a viable option, if we intend to meet the global zero-emissions targets. ACM’s solution for that is a vehicle that can not only be home-charged, but that integrates batteries that can be swapped incredibly fast.

Called City One, this EV makes the bold claim of providing unlimited range, thanks to a battery swap that takes less than five minutes. Equipped with four 2.5 kWh batteries that also have safe, low 48 V voltage, City One promises to practically benefit from energy 24/7, becoming independent from fast-charging infrastructure. The EV’s actual range is 240 plus 120 km (149/74.5 miles), with ACM’s battery swapping system acting as a range extender.

Apart from the battery system, ACM also wanted its flagship EV to be a versatile vehicle in terms of design. Whether it would be configured as a cargo vehicle with two seats or a taxi with five seats, City One would be a reliable option for ride-hailing, tourism, and logistics, with more than 30% cost reduction per km.
By developing a multi-purpose fleet platform for B2B pool-sharing, which doesn’t require fast chargers, ACM says ownership costs for fleets will be significantly reduced. And this means widening the access to EVs for everybody.

The German startup has partnered with MHP – A Porsche Company, for the EV platform and an undisclosed production partner, so the City One EV could soon be seen at least on European streets. Until then, it will be unveiled at the IAA 2022, this upcoming weekend, on September 11.

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