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This Futuristic Garage Concept Produces Its Own Clean Energy for a True Mobility Ecosystem

Some car brands like to challenge young or experienced designers to go the extra mile and envision the automotive world of the future beyond limitations. One of them is Polestar, who recently awarded two creators at the end of its 2021 Design Contest for concepts that blend sustainability with advanced technology.
The H_UB is the winning concept in the 2021 Polestar Design Contest. 7 photos
David Vultaggio - The H_UBDavid Vultaggio - The H_UBDavid Vultaggio - The H_UBDavid Vultaggio - The H_UBJeong Hyun Kim - TrambusMingwei Liu - Glad to Be Dirty
Those who participated in this year’s Polestar Design Contest had to come up with concepts that weren’t just about looks or fancy features, but also about offering solutions to global issues, such as climate change – which would be in line with the current trend in the automotive industry overall.

One of the two winners, David Vultaggio, is a professional designer who envisioned a futuristic garage. Instead of being a simple shelter for vehicles with no other benefits, Vultaggio created a multi-functional hub that would be sustainable on more levels and suitable for a variety of vehicles.

The H_UB would be a brand experience center, where customers could explore the Polestar universe while their electric vehicles are charging. The building itself would not only generate its own electricity but also produce hydrogen, through the biomass roof. Even the construction materials would all be up-cycled ones.

The H_UB was envisioned as the perfect place not just for the Polestar Precept concept car, but also for the brand’s hydrogen seaplane and electric bicycle. Indeed, another automotive trend shows that carmakers are leaning toward including other forms of mobility as well, with the purpose of creating a true eco-mobility system.

Vultaggio’s vision is also realistic because more and more people are going for a variety of clean energy vehicles, from bikes to boats and cars. The garage of the future might indeed be a place that generates its own clean energy and is adequate for more than just cars.

The other winner, design student Mingwei Liu, envisioned a geometric car called “Glad to Be Dirty,” which filters the air as it drives and shows the result of this process on a side panel. With this air-filtering car, owners would “feel proud of driving a dirty car.

All the finalists came up with thought-provoking visions for the future, and one thing’s for sure – clean energy and self-driving technologies are leading the way.


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