This Fully Articulated ASTRO Bot Is Perhaps the Cutest Fan-Made Lego Ideas Toy

Fan-Made Lego Ideas ASTRO bot 8 photos
Photo: Lego Ideas / CommanderFoxQ
Fan-Made Lego Ideas ASTRO botFan-Made Lego Ideas ASTRO botFan-Made Lego Ideas ASTRO botFan-Made Lego Ideas ASTRO botASTRO's PlayroomASTRO's PlayroomASTRO's Playroom
If you are among the lucky people who have been able to buy a PlayStation 5, then you perhaps know this game. Or at least your kids know about it.
ASTRO’s Playroom is a free game that comes with the PlayStation 5 console. Wow! A game that is free and is so cute and well-made? Yes, but there is always a catch. This game is quite small and is only free because it lets you explore the new DualSense wireless controller and the magical world of PlayStation history. There is also an older game for the PlayStation VR with the same adorable robot character.

Lego Ideas is full of wonders coming from fans of many kinds of games, movies, and whatnot. You might find something that will represent almost anything that can be made out of a few bricks.

This ASTRO bot was uploaded on January 18, 2023, by the user CommanderFoxQ. It has gathered until now more than 500 supporters. There is still quite a long way to go until it gets the necessary supporters to be reviewed. However, there are also many days left for this milestone to be completed.

In the game, ASTRO travels and explores around with his bot-like friends while fighting the bad bot-like enemies.

This bot has been created by using both Technic and normal Lego bricks. The Technic parts were used for the core. This way, it gives this little friend some stability so that it does not collapse, while also making it fully articulated.

ASTRO can move his legs, arms, and head however you want. But since his head is so large and his legs are so tiny, he cannot stand on two feet. He can sit or lie down, which, in my point of view, is much cuter and gives it more personality. He has two big blue eyes, and it would be nice if there could be more types of eyes included with the set.

The bot has been built out of 912 pieces, and somehow it even includes two configurations. When standing, this cute and not-so-little mech measures 6.5 inches (16.6 cm) in length,8.4 inches (21.5 cm) in width, and 11.9 inches (30.3 cm) in height. When sitting, the dimensions change to 7 inches (17.9 cm) in length, 9.5 inches (24.2 cm) in width, and 10.6 inches (27.1 cm) in height.

Although there are not many pieces, it is quite a large model. As a real set, we could expect it to cost around $100 (€100).

If this set is something that you or your kids might enjoy, you too can support it and help it pass the 10,000 supporters milestone. There is also a feedback and comments section in which you can express your opinion and perhaps give ideas to make the build even better. It still needs to pass the Lego team expert review, and then hopefully we could see it in the stores and later in our homes.
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