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This Fix Could Be the End of Google Assistant Problems on Android Auto

The experience with Android Auto isn’t always the most flawless, despite the fact that Google releases fixes and performance improvements on a regular basis.
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For example, one of the features that are often causing problems on Android Auto is the Google Assistant integration, which for some users doesn’t work at all, while for others just seems to be broken down on random occasions.

Some say that the wake-up phrase of Google Assistant no longer works, others claim that the assistant is very slow to react and sometimes doesn’t even answer, while a handful of Android Auto users complain of lag every time they fire it up.

On Samsung devices (and possibly on others too), fixing Google Assistant and getting it up and running could actually come down to a rather simple fix that was discovered by someone on reddit.

First and foremost, what you must do is update the Google app to the latest version – this is a mandatory step, as the Google app is the one that’s powering the assistant both on Android and Android Auto, so by running the newest build you reduce the likelihood of issues.

Then, connect your Android phone to the head unit in your car and tap the screen to launch Android Auto. Next, on your phone head over to the Google Assistant and launch it, and when you see the animation that indicates the app is waiting for input, just tap out of the popup to exit it.

At this point, things should come back to normal in Android Auto, and users have confirmed in the linked reddit discussion that this somehow works to improve the experience in their cars too.

Of course, Google is the one that should further look into this workaround and figure out what’s happening and why everything is working correctly in Android Auto now, obviously with the purpose of fixing the problem and preventing it from occurring in the next versions of the app.


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