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This Ferrari GTC4Lusso Has a Truck as Hood Ornament and a Strange Tale to Tell

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, failing to mention that, sometimes, pictures still can’t tell the whole story. Take, for example, this strange tale of retaliation, when an angry former employee parked a truck on top of his boss’ Ferrari.
A $300,000+ Ferrari GTC4Lusso with a Volvo truck as hood ornament 5 photos
A $300,000+ Ferrari GTC4Lusso with a Volvo truck as hood ornamentA $300,000+ Ferrari GTC4Lusso with a Volvo truck as hood ornamentA $300,000+ Ferrari GTC4Lusso with a Volvo truck as hood ornamentA $300,000+ Ferrari GTC4Lusso with a Volvo truck as hood ornament
On May 7, a photo started making the rounds online: a white Ferrari GTC4Lusso used as a literal parking ramp by a Volvo truck. The photo was posted to various reddit sub-threads and social media, and came with a story that appealed to every one of us who’d ever felt even in the slightest exploited by our boss: a trucker was denied payment for work already done and took matter in his own hands, by driving a truck on top of his boss’ Ferrari.

The incident, reports said, happened earlier this week. In other words, the denial of payment came in what is already a very troubled economic moment for the entire world – for everyone but the boss, apparently. While most of us would never do something like this or even publicly condone it, there was a certain sense of “serves him right” that came with the image of the smashed $300,000+ Ferrari.

Then, more photos emerged, showing the damage that the Ferrari took when that truck became a most unlikely hood ornament. As the story picked up steam both with the trucking community and the international media, a handful of more details came to light. They’re unconfirmed because there’s an investigation going, but they paint an entirely different picture.

Both CarScoops and TheDrive spoke to eyewitnesses at the scene and reveal that the trucker was a real character, and not in a good way. He had been hired on Monday after a phone conversation and had only done one trip, when he was summoned to the facility outside Chicago, Illinois, to be let go. There were issues with his performance and general behavior, which included complaints that he wasn’t allowed to drive a newer rig. He was offered compensation for expenses incurred and even a flight back home, but he chose a different route.

“Now you’ll see what happens when you [mess] with me,” he told the boss after getting confirmation that the white Ferrari was, indeed, personal property. So he ran to and jumped into the closest rig and drove it into the Ferrari, smashing into it and ultimately mounting it.

The owner tried to stop him and came close to being run over, and then settled for calling the cops. Police arrested the trucker on site.

It turns out modern-day Robin Hood fighting for class equality by smashing rich people’s Ferraris when he’s denied his own rights is a common criminal after all. Allegedly.


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