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This Eastern European Vario Conversion Could Be the Perfect Outdoor Adventure Machine
No matter how hard we hold onto this beautiful warm weather, winter is always coming. This means indoor activities and fewer outdoor activities. However, if you own something like this custom Mercedes-Benz Vario adventure van, winter will simply become your playground.

This Eastern European Vario Conversion Could Be the Perfect Outdoor Adventure Machine

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Folks, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Sfinx Camper & Conversion earlier this year, and what amazed me the most was the level of detail and attention this crew puts into achieving a customer's dreams. If you've never heard of Sfinx, all you need to know is that they were born back in 2012 and have been designing and building amazing conversions out of the mountains of Eastern Europe. Over the years, they've grown to meet the needs of countless customers worldwide through a range of projects, one of which is the Vario we'll look at today.

Just to kick things off, this isn't the sort of project you yourself can go out and buy; Sfinx only creates unique and one-off machines meant to take you to the furthest corners of your adventurous mind. Yes, they've even tackled Unimog conversions and massive motorcoaches during their years.

Now, we don't know much about the owner that may have commissioned Sfinx to work their magic or how much it may have cost, but none of that matters. The essence of this article is the result, not the means, and oh, what a result. Let's start our journey with the exterior and work our way indoors.

My first impression upon seeing the Vario was one of "Meh." But it wasn't until I really soaked in the details that I began to understand that this machine means business. The front of the van houses a winch that appears to be mounted right into the chassis. Towards the rear, you'll encounter a massive LED light bar and a caution light while an awning spreads its wings along the side of the van. More lighting at the rear tells you that this bugger is meant to be operating well into the night, and judging by the interior, this appears to be true.

What I liked about this project the most is how the interior is roomy and minimalist while boasting more than enough space for everything you can think of. Beyond that, it also looks like the owner or owners of this conversion are adventurous souls. Not only are there a couple of snowboard mounts added to the walls, but underneath that double bed, there sits an e-bike garage. Actually, it can be a garage for whatever you'd like, but images in the gallery showcase its true worth.

Come to think of it, if there's one feature that isn't missing from this unit, it's storage space. Overhead cabinets line the bedding area while under-bed drawers are in place too. The galley block has some cabinet work, and so does the dinette. With all this storage, you can be sure that this bugger can spend some time on the road. LED lighting is also integrated beautifully into the setting and doesn't bother the eyes one bit.

There may be but only one downside to this design, the lack of an interior bathroom. If there was no space available or if the owner just likes taking showers under his or her god's watchful eye remains a mystery, but whoever is driving this around the world, he, she, or they are clear outdoor lovers.

So far, that's all the information I have, but then again, pictures are worth a thousand words, so if you like what you see, all you have to do is get in touch with Sfinx and let them know you want something like the Vario conversion. Once it's completed, throw a message my way, and maybe the following article will be about your vehicle conversion.


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