This Dreamy E46 BMW M3 Concept Could've Been the Ideal G87 M2

Reimagined E46 BMW M3 10 photos
Photo: on Instagram | Edited
Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3Reimagined E46 BMW M3
BMW made it a habit to give us new cars that looked completely unexpected. The G87 M2 is the latest example in this regard. But this contemporary and quiet design revolution started with the G80 M3 and the G82 M4. Now, we get a good look at something that might simply make the case for bringing forward an enhanced body kit that can turn the ol' 2001-2006 M3 into the G87 M2 of our dreams.
Three years ago, BMW M said the E46 M3 was its most successful high-performance vehicle ever. That's great news for those of us who didn't have the chance to buy it brand-new. The chances of getting our hands on a reasonably-priced unit that has been well maintained over the years are good. That's, of course, true only if you don't intend to buy a CSL or pristine, low-mileage unit.

If you can't get accustomed to the G87 M2's stung-by-a-bee look and stomach the $63,200 MSRP, then you could save yourself some money and get the iconic E46 M3 that might continue to appreciate as the years go by.

But here's an even better idea: what if you could turn the oldie into a glorious-looking, reinterpreted G87 M2? There could be a way!

A CGI artist who identifies themselves as on Instagram published a high-quality rendering of an E46 M3 looking like it just left the factory line and received proper detailing before getting in front of a pricey camera.

But don't allow the footage below to trick you. It's a very detailed computer-generated video based on a simple proposition: create a high-performance E46 BMW M3 body kit that makes the two-door sedan look like the ultimate fan-designed M2.

The scene is built on a 360-degree High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) created by cgibackgrounds. These two brought us a proposition that might just become an incredible product. The concept takes the front bumper from the previous-generation F87 M2. It seems that it was borrowed from a model finished in Hockenheim Silver Metallic, which is a very liked BMW version of grey.

The rendered vehicle seems to be slammed to the ground, which indicates that it may boast an aftermarket air suspension system. But your eyes quickly move to the cute, normal-sized kidney grille and the slimmer headlights that look absolutely wonderful.

Reimagined E46 BMW M3
Photo: on Instagram
The daytime-running lights remind us of the F87 M2 again. But their yellowish appearance and the compressed design that puts one LED line behind the other give this fantasy E46 M3 a bossy look. It immediately exudes that nothing and no one will impress it.

Things get even more interesting when we move to the rear of this concept. The taillights are clearly borrowed from the G80 M3, as is the blacked-out designation. BMW fans will also recognize the rear bumper and the glossy black exhaust system with four tips that tell everyone this is a high-performance machine.

The discreet carbon fiber spoiler taken from the newer BMW M models also hints at what this car is all about. Speed and power, baby!

Even though the creator shrunk the taillight housing, the look mimics the headlights and unites the overall design. What we get is a beautiful two-door automobile that puts a contemporary spin onto a modern classic base. It's an elegant performance-oriented machine that bonds the best of today with the charm of yesterday. It's too bad we don't get a look inside!

This body kit does not exist in real life – yet! The artist is looking for a partner willing to invest time and money into making it real. We admit that turning the kit into a thing that can be bought is not going to be easy, but they might have a real winner here. That could sell like hotcakes, considering there are tons of nostalgic BMW fans out there.

Let's hope it won't have an obscene price tag if it ever becomes real.

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