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This Dodge Viper ACR Is Inspired by NBA's Paolo Banchero's Draft Night D&G Suit

Paolo Banchero’s outfit for the 2022 NBA draft was definitely inspiring enough for an Italian custom car company Garage Italia, which mocked up a Dodge Viper ACR inspired by Banchero’s D&B suit.
Paolo Banchero's Suit-Inspired Dodge Viper ACR 6 photos
Paolo Banchero's Suit-Inspired Dodge Viper ACRPaolo Banchero's Suit-Inspired Dodge Viper ACRPaolo Banchero's Suit-Inspired Dodge Viper ACRPaolo Banchero's Suit-Inspired Dodge Viper ACRPaolo Banchero's Suit
Custom car shops can take inspiration from anything around us and create renditions that can look like works of art. This is also the case for Garage Italia. During this year's 2022 NBA draft, 19-year-old Paolo Banchero was the first overall pick by the Orlando Magic. And he wore a very eccentric outfit that made him stand out.

His bespoke purple suit, from Dolce & Gabbana, was so expressive that it inspired Italian custom car company Garage Italia to create a mockup of a car that channels the same eye-catching, eccentric vibe as his suit. Their choice was a “made in the U.S.A. sports car that embodies the power and athleticism of the Magic’s first-round pick,” a Dodge Viper ACR.

The suit Banchero wore had Swarovski crystals attached to it. The new rendition managed to recreate that perfectly by applying a “micro-pattern,” according to the official Instagram account for the Italian car company.

It added a band between the hood and roof to resemble the white shirt worn by the 19-year-old American-Italian player, with a “P5” necklace hanging on the center side of the hood. The same number can be also found on the doors, which is typical for racing cars. The Dodge also sports some carbon fiber accents, and the wing displays the number one, hinting at the fact that he was the first overall pick.

The vehicle also features Banchero’s mantra, “Stay true.” The car comes with an Orlando license plate, which is his upcoming destination.

This Dodge Viper ACR manages to capture the vibe of the suit perfectly and there would be no better option for the NBA player to drive when arriving at his upcoming games with the Orlando Magic.


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