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This Dodge Challenger Body Kit Is a Love-It-or-Hate-It Proposal, So Where Do You Stand?

What does the Dodge Challenger need in order to become even more appealing? Why, a V8 engine under the hood, obviously, preferably the mighty Hellcat, and maybe a loud exhaust system, albeit with active flaps.
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Dodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerDodge Challenger
But not everyone agrees with that recipe, and it is this category of owners who are being targeted by S.Bader Karosserie & Lack with a new body kit. Their proposal gives the muscle car a Japanese flair, and it is one of those 'love it or hate it' offerings.

Being much wider than the Widebody version of the Challenger SRT Hellcat models, it sports bolt-on fender flares, with vents at the front. There is an oversized chin spoiler attached to the OEM bumper, a very Bosozoku-like move, new rear skirt, and ducktail spoiler.

Wrapped in thin rubber, the wheels follow a similar path. The whole car was finished in matte black, unless that is a wrap, and sits much closer to the ground. This tells us that they have messed around with the suspension too, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it is an adjustable one, otherwise, even a small leaf would be a huge obstacle.

The German tuner is offering the complete body kit for the Dodge Challenger on its official website, and they are asking €5,490 for it locally, equaling to $5,625 at the current exchange rates.

If this proposal seems somewhat familiar, then you may have seen their tuned Chevrolet Camaro. We covered it last weekend, and that one too sports bolt-on fender flares, big spoiler at the front, ducktail piece attached to the trunk lid, and multi-spoke alloys. An adjustable air suspension is likely responsible for bringing the entire body closer to the asphalt. You can check out that build here, if you haven’t already, though you may want to scroll back up to the image gallery before you do that.


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