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This Custom 1984 Honda CBX750 Is Almost an Entirely New Bike
Sure enough, Plus 3 Motors’ trio exceeded everyone’s expectations with this breathtaking gem.

This Custom 1984 Honda CBX750 Is Almost an Entirely New Bike

Honda CBX750Honda CBX750Honda CBX750Honda CBX750Honda CBX750Honda CBX750Honda CBX750Honda CBX750
As of 2019, three motorcycle enthusiasts and close friends founded Plus 3 Motors in the gorgeous little town of Almoradi, Spain. Before lockdown and the rest of that delightful ordeal, these gifted fellows debuted with a couple of ravishing one-off machines, which managed to capture the attention of the custom two-wheeler scene, thanks to their outstanding designs and sheer level of top-grade features.

The very first piece of machinery to roll out of their workshop was a truly drool-worthy Honda CB600 Hornet-based creature that’ll have just about any rider awestruck. It goes without saying this is a solid testament to these folks’ admirable skills and utter dedication.

However, before most of us even had a chance to come to our senses, Plus 3 dropped yet another spectacular work of mechanical art. This time around, the project in question began with a 1984 model in Honda’s revered CBX750 family. Let me tell you, this bad boy does a pretty neat job at looking the business!

To give you a clear idea as to what this Spanish firm is capable of achieving, we’ll be taking a minute to examine their magnificent CBX750 entity. After more than three decades of faithful service, the donor was certainly starting to show its age, but Plus 3’s surgical interventions helped it regain its youth and former glory.

Back in the ‘80s, Honda’s two-wheeled behemoth was a force to be reckoned with. It was brought to life by a feral four-stroke DOHC inline-four colossus, with four valves per cylinder and a fierce displacement of 747cc. At around 9,500 rpm, this nasty animal can generate up to 93 hp, accompanied by 52 pound-feet (71 Nm) of fiendish twisting force at 8,500 revs. A six-speed gearbox is tasked with carrying the engine’s power to a chain final drive.

Up front, suspension duties are taken care of by 39 mm (1.54 inches) air-assisted forks, coupled with a Pro-Link setup at the rear. Stopping power is supplied by twin 280 mm (11 inches) discs and two-piston calipers at the front, joined by a single 280 mm brake rotor and a two-piston caliper on the opposite end.

Now, in terms of Plus 3 Motor’s unique creation, the trio kicked things off by fabricating a new subframe and installing a set of rear-mounted foot pegs. A 2005 Suzuki GSX-R600's forks and front brakes were transplanted onto the CBX750, while the rear suspension was honored with a modern CBR’s modules. The stock Comstar wheels were removed to make room for a pair of 18-inch multi-spoked counterparts.

Next, the crew went about crafting an array of custom bodywork components, including stealthy side panels and a fresh tail section that hosts an LED lighting kit. You will find more LED goodness at the front end, consisting of a halo-style headlight and subtle turn signals.

Furthermore, a four-into-two exhaust system and a one-off fiberglass airbox allow CBX750’s inline-four leviathan to breathe a little more freely. We also notice clip-on handlebars, Domino grips and a gauge unit from Kosso’s catalogue. To top it all off, the bike was enveloped in a splendid metallic silver paintwork, complemented by a healthy dose of gloss black accents.

And that concludes it, ladies and gents. What’s your take on Plus 3’s majestic undertaking?


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