This Compilation of Red Light Runners Is Supposed to Save Your Life

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Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
You all know those dash cam videos from Russia or other remote parts of the world that show crazy people running red lights with incredible speeds. Well, they’re not the only ones that have this issue.
In the US as well, this seems to be a problem that claims more and more victims every year. The reasons why people do such things are as varied as they come. From falling asleep at the wheel to texting and even simply rushing to get somewhere, accidents like this happen all the time, like it or not.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS), a company specialized in road safety camera installations put together a short compilation of what they call the worst red-light runners of 2014. Released in December last year, it shows a couple of particularly tragic events unfolding across the US.

From Jersey City to Knoxville, Tennessee and Tucson, Arizona people are shown in dangerous situations that injure up to 100,000 traffic participants every year. According to ATS, red-light safety cameras have proved to be an effective tool against such acts of poor judgement. They claim that, for example, in the city of Miami, Florida, reported a decrease of 30 percent in accidents after fitting intersections with cameras.

How are these cameras preventing accidents? It’s rather simple actually: people actually obey the law when they know they are being filmed. Some will definitely say that this was all done just to promote ATS’ cameras but the truth of the matter is, accidents like the ones showcased below happen every day and if these recording devices will help reduce their number I’m all for it.

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