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This Clean and Crisp Super Yacht Is Filled to the Brim with a Luxury Interior
Imagine for a moment one of the most minimalist and clean-cut yachts you can. Got that picture? Good, Now take a look at the following vessel and compare your imagination to the real thing.

This Clean and Crisp Super Yacht Is Filled to the Brim with a Luxury Interior

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That’s exactly the definition nearly everyone gives to this vessel the moment they set eyes upon it. Just so we’re on the same page this luxury yacht is known as the Metis 63 by Benetti. Oh, you don’t know who they are? Not a problem. They’ve been building sea-faring vessels of any kind since 1873, so you know they mean business.

But for the Metis, Benetti worked with world renowned Bannenberg and Rowell Design. If you remember them from the Predator yacht, great. If you don’t, they’re known as the yachting worlds best known secret. The vessels they work one, will always remain a one of a kind. They will be the point of focus for when we discuss the interior.

That ‘63’ in Metis 63 stands for the length of this vessel’s steel hull, a full 63 meters or 206.6 feet. And like most other seafarers it includes an aluminum superstructure. This allows the designers to create a number of decks and sleek exterior paneling.

As With most modern-day yachts, this one too uses a white and black color scheme. To bring a bit of balance to the mix, the use of metals and woods help set a soft tone to the ship. The large amount of hull integrated windows let you know that this vessel is ready with quite the number sleeping quarters. Up to 13 guests can lay their heads upon those Bannenberg pillows in seven cabins.

To make this designer machine move along the seven seas we will be able to find two MTU diesel engines that put out a total of 3702 HP. It's enough to keep it cruising at 12 knots with a top speed of 16.

Now on the inside, this ship really shows off what level of comfort and style you can expect. Just to start, we can see the sun deck situated at the bow of the ship and equipped with 8 lounge chairs and a perfectly lain wooden flooring. While at the rear of this same deck we find a sitting area suitable for all guests on the ship at once. Once again, the wooden flooring is not missing and helps warm the white and beige materials.

Even though the Metis has large windows that offer natural light into the interior spaces, the use of LED lighting in the ceiling helps maintain the soft light the furniture sets well through the night. Any walls that aren't made of glass are completed with wood.

A dining area fit for all and equipped with wine cabinets can also be found. But to entertain your guests, the Metis is set with an entertainment area that also includes a grand piano. Just in case you get enough courage to start playing after you’ve had a few drinks from the onboard bar.

Once you need to pass out, just head up to one of your silk linen bedrooms and pass out. But upon waking up, be sure to hydrate and head on down to the gym to burnout the alcohol. Breakfast will be waiting for you wherever you wish to have it, after all you paid for such a service.

Now, most yachts we show you are usually for sale. Not the Metis. I mean, how could you sell something like this once you’ve acquired it.


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